Mahindra Insurance solutions reach 1 lakh Indian villages


Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd (MIBL) said with its solutions reaching 1 lakh villages across the country, it was now focusing on the MSME segment. MIBL also said , in Punjab they have serviced over 1 lakh customers in the last five years by offering them various insurance solutions. Also, the benefits have reached to over 5,000 villages in Punjab, Managing Director, MIBL, Dr Jaideep Devare, said in Chandigarh.

"We are also focusing on a separate segment of customers which is the MSME segment who otherwise get left out or don't get the services, what I call they are quasi retail customers, their needs are like retail but they are not so large also but they need these services. Very soon, we will be launching the services for MSMEs customising insurance solutions for their needs. We will be entering into this market very soon", he told reporters.

Further dwelling into company's business, Devare said, Our theme of where we focus is purely on under penetrated markets and under served markets. "Our total villages serviced are 1 lakh, we are present in almost all locations across the country, equally placed, including the north-east", he informed. Spelling out how low cost technology was going to be used for extending benefits to the customers, especially the ruralites, he said, "we are looking at digitalising, because it is driving the country today, you look at Digital India and Make in India".

Be it our farmer friends, rural population, or local families, everybody will be benefited. Low cost, high technology is the big bet. It is not just buying a product, it is in the claim settlement that customer should get benefit, he pointed out. Devare further said MIBL is focusing exactly on the same segment which are getting maximum emphasis from the government, "be it rural segment, be it protection, be it financial inclusion, social inclusion, be it SME inclusion, we are building the whole infrastructural support and this is the way of protecting". "We are also very enthused with the vision of the new government at the Centre which intends to focus on health insurance for all, especially in rural India". he said.

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