Ola starts Bug Bounty program. Will other startups follow suit?


Security is no more a luxury but a necessity for startups. Zomato and Ola were hacked in June this year, putting data of above 50 million users at risk. Earlier Gaana.com was hacked leaving another 12 million users at risk.

As we raised concern over security of apps/websites created by newly-emerging startups earlier in June, it brings a sigh of relief that Ola has taken charge and started its Bug Bounty program, designed to encourage security research in their software and reward those who help create the safest mobile application in existence.

A first of its kind full-fledged bug bounty program in the Indian technology ecosystem, Ola has started inviting collaboration with researchers from around the world to help keep their product and technology infrastructure secure.

If a user believes that he has found a security vulnerability or a bug on the Ola platform, the 'startup' encourages him/her to let them know right away. Ola plans to investigate and do their best to fix the problem at the earliest. What is more? Ola will reward users who find bugs in their software.

Showing the way forward in security and reduction of vulnerability of new apps and websites, we encourage other startups to follow the trend and make the digital world a better place.

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