While others are busy building Instant messaging apps, this design startup uses stickers as their selling point


When it comes to mobile phones, the instant messaging apps are probably the most used apps on your smart phone. In the recently concluded mobile sparks we met several mobile design companies engaged in some interesting work in the field of mobile. One of them was Perdix Business Solutions, a little known startup which had a lot going on behind the scenes and is doing some remarkable work in the mobile space.

To capitalize on the opportunity, a few students from IIT Guwahati got together after their studies to start up Perdix business solutions. Started in 2012 By Manish S Sugandhi and his friends, Perdix is a design company based in Bangalore. However, what sets it apart from others is they made the most of the wave at the right time.

Perdix had already started building stickers for Instant messaging apps.The three year old design company has managed to bag some big names in business as their clientele including the likes of Nimbuzz and WeChat.

Their success is evident from the fact that most users now communicate using stickers on every instant managing platform. When Hike was launched, their biggest selling point was stickers, and now stickers have come on facebook too.

They are betting big on mobile and Instant messaging in future. We caught up with them in MobileSparks.

Video Editor: Anand

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