Solving the Supply Chain Management riddle the Grofers way


The sun has probably never shone brighter for Hyperlocals than now. Companies like Grofers, Peepertap and Jugnoo are growing at the speed of light. Grofers raised 46.5million dollars from existing funders and the company is currently valued at 115 million dollars. But with growth comes an array of challenges that these companies will have to tackle both at an external and internal level.

We caught up with the CTO of Grofers, Varun Khurana at our recently concluded flagship event MobileSparks to find out how they are dealing with the challenges related to supply chain management.

Talking about technology Varun says:

Technology for the masses is the most important aspect, provided limitations around the infrastructure building simple technology solutions for these merchants which they can use seamlessly is the key.

While technology plays a pivotal role in solving most problems related to any hyperlocal business, what he says is important to look at are solving socio-economic problems at a grass-root level.

The implementation of some of the policies decided at a higher level in the government does not reach the people at the bottom of the pyramid, so that poses a huge challenge. Improvement in infrastructure, education and implementation of some of the trade reforms for the merchants at the grass-root level will in turn solve the supply chain management riddle.

Globally the supply chain management issues are different as there are not too many mom and pop stores. However, India can be compared to the Chinese market which also faces similar problems at the grass-root level.

Grofers currently is working together with their merchants at solving this riddle and are also looking at providing simple technology solutions to them.

Grofers, which was founded in 2013, started as a B2B Company and has over the last two years seen a tremendous growth trajectory and has shifted to a B2C mobile model. It is now present in nine cities in the country.

From an employee strength of 180 people last December, it has grown to 3300 people currently.

Camera person: Nataraj

Video Editor: Anand



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