SuVitas- redefining the post-surgery recovery phase


Post surgery is an extremely critical part of the recovery journey and this especially applies to patients suffering from ailments in neurology, orthopaedic, cardiology and oncology. Most times, homes are not properly equipped to take care of a patient recovering from a major surgery. This is where Suvitas comes into the picture.

Suvitas provides a home like environment for transition care and is equipped to help a patient get back on their feet with adequate help.

Talking about the centre,Flt Lt Bipin Pendala the Founder & Director of SuVitas says,

It takes anywhere around two months to six months for patients to recover from a major surgery, thats where transition care can be of excellent care because in a very hygienic environment, very home like environment the person can come here convalesce and understand what happened and what lifestyle changes they need to make when they go back home, recover reasonably well and then get home when they are ready to go home.

Some of the in house services that Suvitas provides are skilled nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counselling and in house medical services. Their first centre is based out of Hyderabad and has state of the art facilities. Apart from just the medical care and recovery exercise regime, the facility also has recreational rooms for the patients.

Some of the main aspects SuVitas focuses on are effective post-operative care, prevention of future complications, personalised diet plans, suggested lifestyle changes, psychological assessment counselling, personalized physiotherapy, exercise, activity plans and interaction with other patients.

The company is still boot strapped and the goal of the venture is to build about 1000 bed capacity in the next two and half years. They are also looking at managed bed capacities with other hospitals, which essentially would mean SuVitas will manage a transition care unit within the premises of a hospital. Theyalso aims to start highly focused physiotherapy clinics.

SuVitas currently operates only from Hyderabad but is looking to spread its wings to Bangalore and Mumbai soon.

Cameraman: Rukmangada Raja / Editor: Anjali Achal


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