‘We saw a perfect opportunity in losing our jobs’ say JUMPINGGOOSE founders


Amongst the bright funky colours, lies a bit of grey for co-founders Piyush and Tuhin. It was February of 2010, when Piyush broke the news to Tuhin on him losing his job, due to recession. Ironically, Piyush suffered the same fate almost a year later in 2011.

JUMPINGGOOSE (L to R): Co-founders Tuhin Roy and Piyush Bhandari

Tuhin says

“The whole experience was quite dramatic. What was worse was that I was on a personal leave when Piyush broke the news to me,

leaving me in quite a dilemma. Days later when I walked in the office, I was taken in a cabin and was asked to discontinue. ” But, that didn’t stop these friends from meeting up for what they call their ‘chai ka gulla’ meetings. Sharing with us the experience, Tuhin tells us,

“When you are laid off, other companies also start taking you easy. They offer you less salaries and know your desperation of earning a livelihood. ”

But, their love for design kept them going. Moreover, they were itching to do more than just apparel.

And, Eureka! They thought of something which others in their spot would have never imagined. Thus, JUMPINGGOOSE hatched.

The co-founders say,

“The concept had been brewing within us since 2009 and it was only losing our jobs, which strengthened our belief in a greater calling. “We always had the hunger to start something of our own. So spontaneously we got down to our think pads.”

The 'Jumping Goose'

Conceived in August 2011, the co-founders were quite inspired by nature. While ‘Jumping’ stands for being fun, quirky, on the go and always being restless, the ‘Goose’ represents the free spirit of cohesiveness and collaboration with no particular leader to follow.“We chose the Goose since they always fly in a flock with no constant leader. Our whole culture is all about being more co-creative, more compassionate and free.”    

These co-founders may not be your regular run of the mill. Their views strongly speak about the freedom which design should encompass actively following this philosophy as a part of their culture. But why design? The co-founders laugh and tell us

“We don’t understand anything other than that.”

Another low  

2012, is when the co-founders say they hit rock bottom. The duo was handling everything at that time with almost no team. There were a couple of clients they pitched to, who never responded back. What was worse? There were a couple of assignments which had happened but they never got paid for those.The founders were almost on the verge of shutting down.

But 2013, the co-founders hit back. They say

“The mantra for 2013 was all about getting our feet back. We were motivated to make this year the turning point for us.”

And this is exactly what happened. Paving ways with smaller clients the goose didn’t crash land but soared to greater heights.


Today, this brimming team of 16 members works with the best names of the industry. Doing up their own studio space and living it every day, their first major project was with the business giant Myntra. They are currently working with celebrity fashion brand HRX (Hrithik Roshan Extreme), and are foraying into unexplored domains of space design while growing up to install craft installations for one of Flipkart’s office. From young startups like Vox Pop to established legacies like Harvard University, the startup claims to have worked with them all.


Wanting to bring their inner kid out, design for these founders is more functional and aesthetical. They say,

“For us design is an integral part of human life. Right from waking up to sleeping there are different interfaces one sees, feels and should get inspired from.” 

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