KIDSS joins the growing number of parenting digital platforms, by connecting parents with child experts


Just a decade ago, parents would riffle through pages to find parenting tips and other kid-related topics. Today, they browse the topic on the internet through phones. Though they cater to a specific population, parenting and kid apps are one of the favourites amidst users.

Launched in June this year by Saurabh Thakur, Aruna Sharma and Hemant Soni, KIDSS (Kid Social Shell) is a digital-age platform offering solutions for both parents and kids. It brings together parents and providers in parenting-related fields like experts, bloggers, kid edutainment and other service providers.

Saurabh, cofounder, KIDSS, says, “With live child experts available via our platform, young parents can discuss child-related issues from sleeping disorder to wellbeing and learn many health and nutrition tips for children. With introduction of a parenting forum under chat section, parents are able to discuss their kids’ growth-related queries with other similar parents. It’s also an application through which parents can keep a tab on the online activities of their children”.

With the app, parents can keep tabs on what their children are watching and playing and how much time they spend on smartphones. This platform also features child-friendly videos for preschoolers.

Besides, it also claims to overhaul decades-old ways of kids learning through gamification. At present, the platform comes with 11 hand-picked applications including 3D nursery rhymes, counting numbers, math worksheets, shapes games and coloring games.

Following the needs expressed by consumers, the platform is addressing the segment of parenting as well. According to Saurabh, other similar platforms are addressing only either of the segment.

Talking about the sharp growth, he says, “Parenting and kids segment in the country is worth USD 10 billion, where we are trying to tap the enormous market via technology. In three months’ time, the other assets have 2.8 million downloads and the figure is increasing continuously.”

The platform is free for parents and revenue comes from providers who want to be accessible to parents via the mobile dominated ecosystem.

The venture has been seed funded; it raised USD 5,00, 000 from strategic investors, which was spent in building the technology and in marketing the product. Now, it’s looking forward to raising Series A funding.

Glimpse into the market

In a USD 10-billion size market, there are various companies that have found their niche and offer different solutions in the parenting-kid segment. From parenting to consultation on child health issues to creating awareness on child mental illness to education and other areas, every app is fulfilling the different needs of parents via technology.

My Child, The Uolo and Baby Chakra are some of the apps in the space.

My Child helps parents screen mental disorders. By feeding a few inputs parents can now figure out if their child has any developmental or learning disorder. The app was launched on January 26, 2015. It was also selected in the Fb Start bootstrap programme, and received USD 25,000 online credits.

BabyChakra is an online platform that connects parents to services and products to make parenting a less tedious affair. Currently focussed on the maternity-child market, it helps mums (and dads) online make decisions on doctors, hospitals, cord blood banks, playschools, activities, events, products etc.

In June this year, BabyChakra raises $600K from Mumbai Angels, Patni Family Office and Singapore Angel Network.

On the market and competition, Saurabh says, “We aim to give more value to the consumer. This is the main challenge in the segment and the competition posed by other ventures cause little concern for us.”