Five ways to keep yourself motivated while starting up!


I’ve heard experts say that in the initial phases of your startups you have to sell your passion to everyone, be it investors, users, or your own team. This process is definitely exhausting and tests the odds out of even the strongest of people. We face hardships and rejections so often that they become a part of life. Still sometimes when the dark clouds refuse to clear, you get distressed and feel like giving that all up. You wish that you could have a dear friend who could motivate you at all times. The hard truth of entrepreneurship is that friend is YOU! Here is some advice on how one should keep motivated during those dark days:

Believe in the ‘What if’ principle

Whenever you feel demotivated, simply think ‘What if’ my startup could impact billions of lives. What if the whole world uses my product and applauds it. If you are really passionate about your startup, this thought will give you an exhilarating feeling. Keep that feeling with you. Make the ‘What if’ feeling your life. Whenever someone rejects, just think about the ‘What if’. And now keep going so that you can make the ‘what if’ true!

Don’t force yourself to a routine you don’t like

We read so many articles every day on how successful entrepreneurs wake up at 5 AM and start their daily routine, blahblah. I am not saying that’s wrong. But if you don’t like that routine, don’t force yourself to it. Follow your own rules, if you want to start working at 11 AM, do that. Assign the work and the time you want to pursue, that’s why you became an entrepreneur in the first place, isn’t it? My mantra has always been do whatever you like, whenever you like (unless you haven’t given someone a meeting appointment).

Ask someone/watch a video of someone who has achieved something big in life about their struggle story

Someone who has achieved big in life will definitely have a struggle story. Everyone has had their share of failures and rejections. Talk to such people, or watch their videos, read their biographies. When I was at a very early stage of startup, this is what kept me going!

Join a community of similar minded people

We definitely get motivated when others share similar stories like ours and we go on to achieve our dreams together. The strength and determination gets multifold! You can join communities like The Rodinhoods or work out of co-working spaces where many startups work together towards their dreams.

Take a break

If you have been feeling gloomy and unmotivated for a long time, take a break! Given the financial and time constraints entrepreneurs are always facing, a small hangout to your favorite cafe for a whole day can also qualify as a break. Just stroll out on your own, keep your mobile on silent, take a book, sip coffee and listen to music. If music is not your thing, do whatever pleases your heart. But DISCONNECT from the social media banter of people getting funded, your best friends buying new cars, and ex-girlfriends getting married. Make sure to disconnect 100% and change your surroundings for a couple of days. You will come back refreshed and happy.

Whenever you feel low, just go back to the moment when you had decided to pursue your dreams, to pursue entrepreneurship, and relive the moment. Remember why you switched to this life, feel the vibe you had felt at that moment, and recall how far you have come. You can’t think of going back now, can you?

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