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The word Wooplr was derived from Whoop, a sound of excitement. Wooplr is a fashion discovery app that was launched a couple of years back by four friends working together at McAfee. Having worked together for sometime on a social grievance retrieval platform for traffic violations, they had a certain comfort level which helped them take the plunge with Wooplr.However, the business itself was born out of a fashion problem these young men were trying to solve for themselves.Talking about the idea of launching a fashion discovery app the co-founder Praveen Rajaretnam says:

“When we wanted to purchase a Batman or an Iron-man T-shirt, we knew there were places around to buy, but didn’t know from where to buy them. We knew they were people who did know the stores that sold these t-shirts, and we wanted this knowledge to be out for everybody to see. We decided to make a fashion discovery platform.”

Watch the Wooplr story in the video below

What is a fashion discovery platform?

Wooplr unlike most fashion ecommerce brands is not just a catalogue where you can check out thousands of tops, shoes and bags. Instead what they do is based on the current international trends, trends on runways, catwalks, magazines, Saasbahu serials, celebrity looks and more, compile information into fashion intelligence and this is captured on the app.

On Wooplr you can find what is trending and the styles updated every week. There is an in house team of 17 fashion curators. They understand what is trending currently both globally and in India. They follow what designers are doing, what real people are doing for example at colleges, at workplaces, what are people wearing and what is really catching on.

The people behind building this trendy app are also quite yuppy and the average age of people working at Wooplr is around 24 years. The company believes in anarchy and everyone is allowed to break the rules of a conventional office dress code.

This venture which has already raised its series A funding from Helion Ventures is looking to raise series B and is marching ahead on the fashion ramp with its first movers advantage as a fashion discovery app.

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