Have a hardware idea but not sure how to implement, Workbench Projects is here to help


The idea of working in a maker space, creating objects of one's fancy, building devices which work with motors is one of the most ideal ways people seem to spend their free time. Remember the childhood days, where we would tinker with things creating different objects with hobby kits and broken parts? As we grow up we tend to get busy in different things and forget all this. Workbench Projects, Bangalore's first open maker space aims to rekindle that spirit in us.

The facility below Ulsoor Metro Station has nearly every tool you will need to work on your dream project. There are multiple workshops, be it cutting, painting or electronics. And there are mentors available for each skill too. The workspace is spread over 5000sqft.

Workbench Projects is the dream child of Pavan Kumar and Anupama Prakash, ex colleagues at BrainSTARS (Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society). While in their previous job, they faced significant problems when it came to prototyping, design and vendors. They were looking for solutions when they came across maker spaces. They decided to emulate the same model in Bangalore and quit their lucrative jobs to start Workbench Projects in Bangalore.

Working on a project becomes much easier if you have the right tools with you along with the right mentorship. For some people it might be about building a prototype for an idea which might or might not take the shape of a full-fledged startup, while for others it is just about building a DIY solution for their problems, or hacks for their homes. The feeling of building by yourselves and being invested in it is worth all the pain one goes through. In fact, the biggest selling point of IKEA furnitures is the DIY feeling, which the company capitalizes on. Watch the video below to find out more about workbench projects and how they are helping people to build their dream projects.

Video Editor: Anand

Correction - BRAINStars is in India and not in US as mentioned in the video.