Arnold Arvind defeated cancer and paralysis to become India's first wheelchair bodybuilder


Hailing from Punjab, 28-year-old Anand Arnold’s mission is not to let his disability define him or hold him back. Even after suffering from life threatening spinal cancer at the age of 15, he has not let go of his dreams. Even after he recovered, he was left paralyzed from neck down.

Despite being confined to his wheelchair, he started working out. Already weakened by his treatment, his only support was an undying spirit of not giving up so easily. Fast forward a couple of years, and according to IndiaTimes, today his tally consists of 3 Mr India titles, 12 Mr Punjab titles and 27 other major titles.

Today, Anand is also the face of Muscle Mania and a brand ambassador for a nutrition supplement company, as well as a model for a range of popular action toys. According to the UK based Metro News website, Anand’s father, Mr Prince Arnold is incredibly proud, as he says, “any father who has such a son will definitely be proud of him. So am I.”

Image Credits : Metro News | IndiaTimes

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