A sneak-peek into the next generation startups of Hyderabad


While the main startup hubs of India are Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR, several other regions are fast catching up and making waves of their own. Some of the top startup hubs of the country that you need to watch out for include –- Goa, Kerala, Coimbatore, etc. Hyderabad has always been a hotbed of startup activity, along with Chennai. According to a report by NASSCOM, close to eight percent of the startup activity in India is happening in the city of Hyderabad.

The comparative timelines from last year to January to September of this year itself shows a significant growth in terms of funding and the number of deals made. While the growth of Hyderabad is relatively slower than that of Chennai, it nevertheless is catching the eye of several investors and VC funds. YourStory decided to look at some of the upcoming or next-gen startups of the Hyderabad ecosystem:


Launched in the private beta in August, Voola is a video sharing app that enables live or recorded streaming of the videos. The app allows a stream of up to four minutes with the replay option of 20 seconds hyper lapse time. The stream can also be saved for as long as you choose. The app has other additional features like notifications from your friends, chat and follow options, and schedule streaming. The app will be launched for public beta by the end of this month. (Website)


Started in July, FlowApp connects the different cloud apps of business and helps automate the business workflow. Through FlowApp, businesses can automate the email and marketing processes, streamline sales flow and follow-ups, internal work flow processes, and other details. A SaaS based model, FlowApp works in a simple way, all that a customer needs to do is define the start time, define the different details of the workflow, add timelines and even delay conditions and simply automate everything around. (Website)

Wazzat Labs

An image recognition based AI startup, Wazzat Labs helps you pick up your favourite dress, shoe or accessory online on the basis of a picture you take. It actually works in a simple method, all you have to do is take a picture of a dress you like and your phone or tablet will automatically pick similar dresses available online.

Through several years of image recognition research at IIIT-Hyderabad and Wazzat Labs, the team can demonstrate that its visual fashion search results are significantly better than when a user types in a description of the item. They claim it is fast, doesn’t take up a lot of space on the phone and requires minimal bandwidth. (Website)


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A smart sales platform, ShopTap helps bridge the gap between sellers and buyers who are present in the online and offline space. What ShopTap essentially does is connect the offline traditional stores to the online world. With a POS platform, the customer can look at a whole range of inventory. Apart from that, the web and mobile dashboards help organisations’ engagement, conversations, and sales. There are close to 14 categories. The customer chooses the product, and the salesman places the order, and the product is delivered with the payment done via COD.


Meltag is mobile marketing direct-to-consumer promotion / loyalty automation platform for brands. It connects businesses and brands directly to the customer. Their consumer insights platform helps companies map and process external research data (offline) and digital consumer interactions using machine learning to segment, target, and profile consumers.

The brand owners can segment their markets and run real-time variable promotions besides gaining rich consumer analytics with a 10 times ROI as compared to traditional methods. (Website)


Zify is an app that makes car pooling easier. Like any ride sharing platform Zify connects passengers and car-owners. The startup has been invested by 50K ventures. The 50K ventures team was impressed with the idea behind Zify from the very beginning, and when they saw how the execution was progressing, it was a simple decision to invest in Zify. (website)