10 startups that make it easy to live the organic way


You’re in the supermarket eyeing a basket of juicy fruits. You search for the conventionally grown fruit and then decide to spend some extra money for its organic cousin. You realise you’ve just made the healthier decision by choosing the organic product. Committing to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life. Conserving the environmentand avoiding chemicals that could possibly cause diseasesare some of the benefits of organic living.But this isn’t always easy especially when you have just started and realise that it takes some adjusting to how you think, shop and eat. If you are inspired to make the switch or continue in your quest for organic food, following are the 10 startups providing e-commerce platform for buying organic products:

Organic Shop:

What started as a backyard project is now helping organisations working in sectors such as organic, natural and bio products reach out to an online customer base through its marketplace for India. Founded by Manuj Terapanthi, this e-commerce entity showcases a varied catalogue of organic and natural products from not only in India but also in Europe.

Naturally Yours:

This was founded by Vinod Kumar and Priya Prakash in February 2010 to provide wide selection of natural and pure merchandise to clients in a single location. The startup provides an e-commerce platform with over one hundred merchandise including rice, dal, oil, millet pongal, kheeretc.

Naturally Yours has partnered with farmers across India to provide them an access to the market. The venture buys products from the farmers and sells them under its brand.


NutriBucket is an online healthfood store founded by Dhruv and Prangna Jaggi who aim to provide people in India with healthy, nutritious and wholesome products. They believe that being well is all about a whole body health approach to life and provide safe and effective natural, organic foods and health products for greater vitality, toaddress deficiencies and maintain whole body health.


Ashmeet Kapoor, the founder, graduated as an engineer from the University of British Columbia and undertook entrepreneurship studies at Brown University. The venture communicates with farmer groups through an established network of partner associations. I Say Organic believes in giving people the option of eating organic food and recognises the support of the farmers who grow this food. It partners with producer companies and connects farmers who want to grow organic with customers who want to buy organic food.

The organic.life:

Founded by Mallesh Tigali, Organic.life is an online marketplace that offers integrated distribution support to sellers and sells around 1,500 organic products in more than 100 categories. It follows traceability methodology to ensure that every certified product it sells is genuine. It enables buyers to validate authenticity of products.


Seema Dholi founded this venture in February 2011. It provides delivery service of fresh vegetables and fruits to the customers at their doorsteps by procuring all the produce from farmer’s market every morning. This makes sure that customers get fresh produce every time they order. Procuring directly from farmer’s market also reduces any intermediate costs and ensures best quality.


Founded by Ankit Agrawal and Karan Rastogi and located in Kanpur,HelpUsGreen manufactures ‘flowercycled’ natural and organic products from the Ganges waste. It collects flower waste from religious places and recycles it into vermicompost, luxury incense and bathing bars.

Joybynature :

Founded by IIT and IIM alumni Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Kumar in 2013, Joybynature provides a wide variety of 10,000 products from 50 brands across eight different categories including personal care, food and books. More than 300 vendors are registered on its platform. It also has experts that give well-being advice through live chats and aims to educate people about health-related issues.

Inner Being Wellness:

Housed in Hyderabad, Inner Being Wellness is a food innovation company that offers products such as flour, flakes,noodles, vermicelli, pasta, bread made from quinoa. They are gluten free, low calorie and reduce disorders like high cholesterol, diabetes, gluten allergies and indigestion. Believing in the power of plant extracts, inner being comprises of products spanning across the categories of beauty, wellness and nutrition.

Living Greens Organics:

Founded by Prateek Tiwari, an agriculture engineer and an MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Living Greens Organics specialises in rooftop organic farming:fruits and kits and organic kitchen gardening. It aims to grow organic vegetables on every roof and convert every building into a living green building.

The advantages of organic food are more based on perception than real facts. Much of this support of organic food as a healthier alternative comes from environmental groups who want to conserve the environment by avoiding pesticides and fertilizers. The producers of organic food strongly believe in the idea that organic food is superior to other types.

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