[Techie Tuesdays] Roundup: People who built platforms and people who broke them, read about all of them here


Since the time we started Techie Tuesdays, we have profiled over 100 stalwarts in the tech segment in the column. All of them passionate about different sectors, be it open source hardware or machine learning, Android or e-commerce. In our third installment of roundups this quarter, we bring you techies who are passionate about Android, finding bugs in large platforms and even people who help build those platforms.

Amitabh Misra

Amitabh Misra - Ex-CTO of Snapdeal comes from a lower-middle class family in Kanpur. Though he wanted to join IAS after IIT he feared the work may not be appreciated as much and meeting like-minded people would be hard. He believes people work for good people. Money and ideas come later. Read more about him here.

Shahani Markus - Achievements come naturally to Shahani. When it comes to technology, she has helped tremendously in bringing Sri Lanka on the global map. Facing discrimination because of her gender she bounced back at every opportunity she got. Click here to read more.

Sreelakshmi K

Sreelakshmi - "If not now then when; if not us then who." This is the mantra Sreelakshmi lives by. When there was a situation in her family where a particular type of blood was required but was difficult to find, she coded ChangeTerra, a blood donor platform for people in urgent need of blood. Find out more about her.

Aniket Awati - Coming from a family of farmers, Aniket made it big by sheer hard work. He first started AppSurfer, a competitor for BlueStacks and even raised funding for it. But the product didn't work and they had to shut it down. Aniket is back with another idea and another product to ease up our entertainment concerns. Read more about him.

Varun Aggarwal - Varun is behind the much-famed AMCAT test and is the founder of Aspiring Minds. Varun is passionate about social causes and had also started CURE (Coalition to Uproot Ragging in Education) during his college days. He is working hard to make students employable for professional life. He was interested in genetics but eventually changed his path to improving the employment scenario in the country. Click here to read the full story.

Prajyot Mainkar

Prajyot Mainkar - Prajyot can be spotted in Goa busy building the Android ecosystem. Started his journey by working on DOS, he believes in staying humble and thankful and says, "When you reach the top, never forget those people whom you met while climbing the stairs of success." Read more about Prajyot here.

Ankush Tiwari - Ankush Tiwari was instrumental in building the first open-source operation system for mobile phones - LiMO(Linux for Mobile), a more polished and revived version of which is known as Tizen. At present, Ankush is SVP, Engineering at Mobiliya and helps make enterprise devices secure. Read more about Ankush here.

Ankush Tiwari, SVP Engineering and MD, Mobiliya

Darpan Saini - Darpan Saini is the Co-founder and CTO of Cloud Lending, a US-based startup that helps small banks bring their operations online using sales force without much overhead. He is looking to bring innovation to the banking sector and trying to revive people's interest in banking by making it cool. Click to find out more about Darpan.

Ayush Ghosh - Ayush is an ethical hacker and a software developer. He also helped build some of the internal wallet and routing systems of BookMyShow. Known to participate in a lot of bug bounty programmes Ayush dreams of changing the world through education and payments. Read more about his exploits here.

Anand Prakash - If there is a bug bounty programme, Anand Prakash has won it. He has made crores with the passion and also worked with cyber crime departments to strengthen their network. At present, Anand works as Security Engineer with Flipkart. Click here to find out how he did it.


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