Commerce and local language for the mobile-first era: Hack for a billion at TechSparks 2015


Messaging is the new platform for the next billion, and local languages are the growth drivers. YourStory TechSparks 2015 is hosting a hackathon for developers to come up with innovative mobile hacks that will impact India’s masses. Register here

One thing we’ve noticed from the rise of Asian messaging platform in the East — WeChat, Line, and Kakao -- is that whatever users do inside the apps today will be extended tomorrow through messaging platforms. Shopping, paying for goods and services, news consumption, and booking cabs are being distributed on mobile via messaging platforms. This could open massive revenue opportunities.

In the West, messaging bots are becoming more ubiquitous, being embedded inside apps like Digit, Magic, Assist. In fact, bots are the new apps.

Messaging bots can read and write messages just like a human. Bots can be programmed to carry out automated actions. For example, e-commerce bots enable buying of goods and services. Location aware food bots can order dinner from near-by restaurants. Local language aware bots share relevant content with you.

With the rise of Slack, we’ve also noticed enterprises moving to app-enabled messaging with bot integrations. This is just the beginning. When we combine local language and commerce to reach the corners of India, the sky is the limit.

Our partners TeamChat, dailyhuntReverieLoginext, and Exotel have come on-board to make this happen. We can’t wait to see what developers come up with mashing up API and SDKs of our partners. Hackathon winners will be recognized along with our Tech 30 at TechSparks. Rs. One lac cash prize and other prizes worth Rs 50,000 await the winners.

 Track One:

Language focused – Developers will use APIs from Reverie and Dailyhunt to marry content, community, and communication for mobile-first, Indian local language users, and will come up with scalable solution with out-of-the-box ideas.

Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service platform delivers dynamic and static content from applications in multiple languages. The conversion is domain-savvy, real-time, and contextual. Developers can integrate with Reverie’s SDKs, make API calls through the platform, and go multilingual to achieve a potential 10x growth or more.

*Some of the Track One APIs are also useful for the track two. 

Track Two:

Commerce focused – Developers will use the SDK of our partners Teamchat (Java based) and Loginext to come up with business solutions.

Track 2.1

What are the real coordinates of your customer?

Loginext will provide sample data for addresses and verified coordinates (latitude and longitudes).

  1. BASIC: New addresses to be geocoded (converting addresses to latitude-longitude) using different data sources e.g. Google Maps API, OSM, MapMyIndia API, and PitneyBowes, etc

- Use Machine Learning to find out the most accurate latitude-longitude on basis of the previously geocoded or verified addresses.

2. ADVANCED: Smartly jump between data sources to get the accurate traffic information or to calculate accurate ETA.

*Think of ways to integrate local languages here too. 

Track 2.2

  1. Using smart messaging paradigm, develop vertical specific client solutions. Example, case studies available on:-
  2. Using smart messaging paradigm, integrate Teamchat with external applications like Jira, and Facebook etc.
  3. Using smart messaging paradigm, create utility bots like weather updates, recipe, and jokes etc. Examples available on:-
*Think of integrating local languages here too.

Date and time: 29th Oct, 9:30am– 30th Oct, 6am (Agenda)

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Bengaluru

We look forward to seeing you. Register for the hackathon now.

(A shout out to our hackathon sponsors TeamChat, Dailyhunt, Reverie, Loginext, and Exotel )

A big shoutout to TechSparks 2015 sponsors – Sequoia Capital, ICICI Bank, Money on Mobile, Microsoft, Signal Hill, IBM Bluemix, PwC, Atom Tech, Teamchat, Govt. of Karnataka, Intel, Rabbler, Dailyhunt, Reverie, Loginext and PayUBiz; Partners – Duff&Phelps, Taxmantra, Dineout, Exotel, 360ride, Yoga Bar, Chai Point, GWC; and our Media Partners – TV9, Fortune India, RedFM and Deccan Herald.


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