Using Star power for a worthy cause- Kunal Kapoor


‘If celebrities can advertise to sale colas and cars, then why not use the same power to raise funds for a good cause- Says Kunal Kapoor co-founder of Ketto.

We caught up with this Bollywood actor cum entrepreneur recently at our flagship event TechSparks. Kunal, who started Ketto- an online crowdfunding platform in 2012 with first time entreprenuer Varun Seth, tells us that there is no better time than now for crowdfunding in India.

I think it changed a lot especially the amount of people that are visiting our platform, the amount of people that are starting on our platform. The amount of money we raised as compared to the money we raised in the last two years is also quite different.

Though crowdfunding is a western concept Indians are slowly opening up to the idea.The need of the hour is to spread awareness and education. He saysketto is talking to a lot of people about how they can helpwith social projects and individuals or creative projects. The idea is really to reach out to as many people and educate as many people as possible, he adds.

Kunal says that being a public figure really helps in reaching out to many people and also to the media , get access to conferences and events and spread the word. A lot of people want to help but are not aware of how to go about it and Kettocan help them channelize.

We are trying to make Social work a little more exciting here in India, in the west you see participation from younger people be it in marathons or baking cakes to raise funds. Here in India, there is no fun attached to it and we at Ketto are trying to break that notion and make it fun,Kunal says.

Going forward Ketto is looking at working with corporates and making this platform grow at a much faster rate. The growth in the past two years has boostedthe confidence of the founders.

Watch the full interview with Kunal Kapoor in the video below.

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