This mobile app offers 24x7 doctor's advice for flood victims in Chennai


A mobile app service will offer 24x7 doctor's advice for the next ten days for the people of flood-ravaged Chennai. "As a service toward society we will offer unlimited free expert doctor's advise from our app," 'Doctor 24X7' founder and CEO Aloke Malik said in Kolkata.

"With improvement of weather conditions in Chennai, we think there will be a spurt in the need for general medical advice, but availability and approaching a local doctor will be critical and in this situation at least some advise from doctors will be of great help," Malik said.

Doctor 24X7 is an app which offers expert medical help on phone 24X7. The system is based on aggregator model and a person is connected to the next available doctor who could be outside from the caller's city.

Users get the first advice for free after downloading the app, the second advise is billed at Rs 100 and from the third call onwards till 10 PM, the charges are Rs 300 per advise. After 10 PM to 7 AM, the rate is Rs 600 per advise.

Currently, there are a few digital doctors' service, but those are available via texts. Doctor 24x7 connects with doctors for a live call without any appointment or texts, Malik said.

Doctor 24X7 was unveiled last August to tap a potential market of USD six billion, which was based on 250 million smart phone users by 2016. The app has so far received 20,000 downloads and even from several small towns also, Malik added.

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