‘If you believe in your idea, do it now’ – 100 inspiring quotes on women and entrepreneurship in 2015


From yet another year of outstanding coverage in 2015, we present to you 100 memorable quotes from women entrepreneurs, business leaders and social activists. See last year’s compilation as well: ‘Success is an exception, so be exceptional’ – 50 inspiring quotes from women entrepreneurs.’

Cutting across all generations, these quotes cover the unique strengths and skills of women, as well as the severe challenges and discrimination they still face. From business and government to the education and social sector, the women game-changers in this compilation cover every domain of the economy.

Every story has a punchline or message, and we hope these quotes and linked stories inspire you as well to even greater heights of excellence. YourStory wishes our readers all the best for the holiday season and a terrific, successful and creative year ahead in 2016!

‘I want to tell women to never hold back when it comes to career.’ – Apoorva Giri, Iviz Security

‘Purpose is what makes the effort worthwhile.’ – Vrunda Bansode, Cloud Mentor

‘Am I a feminist? No. I simply want a balanced society.’ – Pallavi Pareek, iPleaders

‘You have to pull yourself up. Ultimately, it’s up to you.’ – Lalitha Kumaramangalam, National Commission for Women

‘I strongly believe that women can multi-task much better than men.’ – Madhuri Banerjee, author

‘Women empowerment is not a position or possession; it is about creating an image of dignity, self-respect, and values for women.’ – Geeta Malhotra, Read India

‘If not now, then when, if not us, then who?’ – K Sreelakshmi, ChangeTerra

‘When someone says you won’t do this because you are a girl, I can’t rest until I do that.’ – Aditi Chaurasia, EngineerBabu

‘Fashion is not only about external adornments, but a lot about inner beauty as well.’ – Monika Pal Sood, YouShine

‘Educating a girl child decreases her chances of becoming a victim of child marriage.’ – Yogesh Vaishnav, Vikalp Sansthan

‘Being a woman amongst so many men, it’s always a challenge to speak at professional conferences; trying to get them to listen to you and appreciate your knowledge on the subject.’ – Anila Andrade, 99Games

‘We are all capable of achieving success, but we just forget to look beyond the obstacles that we face.’ – Swapna Augustine

‘It is time to claim your warrior goddess energy.’ – Heather Ash Amara, ‘Warrior Goddess Training’

‘I will fight against child marriage with the same passion as I had against the Devadasi system.’ – Shobha Ghasti, MASS

‘Women often manage their homes and work simultaneously and get better at multitasking.’ – Aparna Phadke, Chanakya Lifestyle

‘Star women are born as much from their environments as from sheer personal determination.’ – Amrita Chowdhury, DY Works

‘Enjoy the fact that you are a woman. Don’t exploit it.’ – Apurva Purohit, Radio City

‘Set high standards for yourself. If you have a bad experience, learn from it.’ – Mandakini Gupta

‘I am going to try and win more slams and try and win a women’s Grand Slam as well. That’s what we really play for. Maybe, that’s the only target I can set.’ – Sania Mirza

‘It makes me happy to set an example for the fellow women of my village and inspire them to take up the traditional cultural heritage as a passion and profession.’ – Swarna Chitrakar

‘I think, women like me, who haven’t really faced discrimination as much, must work harder to speak up for those who are most disadvantaged.’ – Sanskriti Jain, NADT

‘Live life queen size.’ – Taapsee Pannu, The Wedding Factory

‘I somehow believe that mothers have that special touch which can make any product they design exclusive.’ – Mridula Arora, MomzBizz

‘I think women equality and empowerment will happen only when women start treating each other with respect.’ – Swati Vakharia, Women Planet

‘Physiologically, when you hold someone for twenty seconds or more, it releases feel-good hormones.’ – Samantha Hess, professional cuddler

‘Why call women entrepreneurs ‘mumpreneurs’ and not call men ‘dadpreneurs’?’ – Roopali Srivastava, Greenkins

‘Every challenge feels it is the biggest until another one comes along.’ – Roheena Nagpal, Atelier

‘You will never have all the answers before starting a new venture.’ – Sunena Saigal, BuzzingBubs

‘Women from small towns have taken hold of opportunities to showcase their talent, represent their country and stand victorious.’ – O.P. Padma, Delhi University

‘Most of the time, people assume that you [as a woman] are not running the business or not the final one in charge.’ – Nidhi Agarwal, Kaaryah

‘Never self pity yourself.’ – Nirmala Kewlani, Nina Foundation

‘Turn scars into stars and turn hurts into halos.’ – Selena Nunes, PitStop

‘When life hands you a box of negatives; develop them.’ – Stella Joyce Machado, Stella Studios

‘Women can have it all if they shrug off the burden of guilt.’ – Yukti Mehandiratta, Concept Exhibitions

‘Only when women are strong enough to stand for themselves will they become self-reliant and respected by others.’ – Tammana Bhati, Hamaara Sahas

‘I can’t stay inside a box.’ – Dia Mirza, actress and entrepreneur

‘As a woman I have never thought I am less than any man.’ – Timple Luloo, Fugle Pharma

‘Your talent and the right opportunities open the first few doors but your attitude opens the rest.’ – Sneh Sharma, Ittisa

‘Forgiveness, perseverance, belief, adaptability and venturing are five manifestations of courage itself.’ – Reeta Gupta, The Network

‘Entrepreneurs are creators of ideas and, if executed right, creators of a little bit of magic.’ – Shereen Bhan

‘My father believed that India’s remarkable economic progress can only be meaningful if it reaches out to rural India.’ – Shabana Azmi

‘Institutions such as the World Bank as well as companies around the globe have acknowledged how important women’s empowerment is for development.’ – Pramila Raj Sinha, Ashoka Education

‘If women hold on to their values in life and never compromise on the quality of work, they can achieve any heights in their profession.’ – Ranitha Rajendrasingh, Neha’s Bags

‘I don’t want to be a big wave; if I could just be a drop in the ocean I’ll know I’ve made a difference.’ – Angeline Dias, Teach For India

‘We want women to recognise the power they have and give it a voice.’ – Rajshree Deshpande, Angry Indian Goddesses

‘Scaling up isn’t the only answer. Right now I am happy balancing being a mompreneur and a hands-on mother.’ – Tara Sharma Saluja, TV host

‘Adolescent girls are the most overlooked population. In India, only one in 100 girls reaches Class XII.’ – Laurette Cucuzza, Dasra Girl Alliance

‘Don’t try to fit in for the heck of it – your femininity is an asset, not a liability.’ – Meenu Bagla, Quinnox

‘I can teach a girl or a woman to earn a minimum of Rs 500 a day so she can stand on her own feet and not have to depend on anyone.’ – Chhaya Sonavane, Dev Shree

‘Women need to have faith and step forward, and then they will find people around them who will support them.’ – Sucharita Eashwar, WeConnect International

‘People said I am going to die in a room, in my own faeces – here I am, with two full passports, travelling the world!’ – Deepa Malik, paraplegic athlete

‘Women are going to be a decisive factor when it comes to India’s Internet growth story.’ – Vani Kola, Kalaari Capital

‘They didn’t realise there was a tiger in me.’ – Shikha Uberoi, tennis ace

‘How can a nation do discrimination when we all are nature’s creation?’ – Anika Sharma, student

‘The first clause we make the families sign is that they send their daughters to the local government schools we have tied up with.’ – Swati Bondia, Om Shanti Traders

‘Women chefs have been under-represented, but the balance is slowly reversing.’ – Kainaz Messman, Theobroma

‘I really do not believe that men are better than women at technology.’ – Pratheeksha Nair, India Rank 3, HackerRank’s Women’s Cup

‘The exhilaration of solving a programming challenge mathematically is what keeps me coming back for more.’ – Simran Dokania, IIIT-B

‘Everyone in media must be socially responsible.’ – Anu Malhotra, AIM Television

‘Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something.’ – Vedika Goel, With You

‘Women bring empathy, resilience, a different perspective and a great sense of humour in board rooms.’ – Vidya Laxman, Tesco Bengaluru

‘I look at rural India not with that eye of pity, but with the eye of hope, change, and empowerment.’ – Diya Shah, Swades

‘I think we have to stop feeling guilty about the life choices that we make as mothers.’ – Chandrika Behl, Krackerjack Karnival

‘There is no Indian brand on a global map, unlike the West, where Nina Ricci, Estee Lauder which were founded by women and branded themselves just that.’ – Suparna Trikha

‘Follow your own hopes, not other people’s expectations.’ – Sonica Malhotra Kandhari, MBD

‘To see an idea become a household name is my dream.’ – Jessica Jayne, Pahadi Local

‘Indian society still feels marriage is the end of a woman’s career and I am glad my parents think otherwise.’ – Monisha Gidwani, Seduction Las Vegas

‘The guilt of not being able to balance well is a feeling we have to live with.’ – Ritu Grover, The Global Help Desk

‘I have always taken the plunge, so that ten years down the line I don’t say ‘I wish I had’ instead I should say, ‘I am glad I did.’’ – Rashmi Singh, Moya

‘Being a woman entrepreneur in India has been a very heartening experience.’ – Roopa Hungund, Gito.me

‘I feel women have an eye for the finer detail.’ – Suhali Jain, ‘Creador by Suhali Jain’

‘Social pressure is the only factor that hampers the growth of women.’ – Manisha Raisinghani, Loginext

‘Men are dumb, whereas women are at the helm of a family affair.’ – Inir Pinheiro, Grassroutes

‘Respect every man but let no man disrespect you.’ – Payal Agarwal, Romharsh Hospitality Group

‘To me a woman who is financially independent is very powerful. She has the ability to say yes. She also has the ability and strength to say no.’ – Caroline Fernandes, Vibha

‘The Indian woman, who is more confident than ever before. is indulging herself in lingerie to express her individuality.’ – Richa Kar, Zivame

‘What will have a long-term impact is increasing opportunities for women to work from home.’ – Sonal Gupta, Eazelly

‘If you believe in your idea, do it now.’ – Romilla Tewari, Eunio Designs

‘Women are the backbone of India’s coffee industry.’ – Sunalini Menon, IWCA

‘Girls, know your rights first. Put yourself first. Respect yourself.’ – Audrey D’Mello, Majlis

‘It is women alone who are expected to create that balance between personal and professional life.’ – Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian, POSist

‘Failure teaches you a lot more than success.’ – Sowmya Nanjundaiah, INCITE

‘Learn to prioritise the important over the urgent.’ – Hetal Doshi, The Wander Girls

‘If anything, the problems have only made me stronger.’ – Shefali Walia, Wetravelsolo

‘India needs to grapple with the fact that failure makes you stronger. We need to ask: “How are failures rewarded?”.’ – Zenia Tata, XPRIZE

‘No road is paved smooth; there will be thrills and frills in every journey and that’s what makes it worthwhile.’ – Deepa Sayal, ADG Online Solutions

‘Nothing beats a smile on a patient’s face relieved of their suffering.’ – Ritika Anchila, All-Cure Acupuncture Centre

‘Step out of your comfort zones and look for opportunities.’ – Natalie Di Luccio

‘Get your hands dirty. It’s the only way to learn.’ – Pallavi Mohadikar, Indofash

‘The mere thought of being able to contribute towards an improved society, fills me with an immense amount of positivity and pride.’ – Shweta Tiwary, Chungi

‘I believe music and conservation are two great contributions humans can make to the living world.’ – Suprabha Seshan, Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

‘Leave the world in a better place than you found it.’ – Vanita Shastri, Ashoka University

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