IIT Kanpur students innovate a way to prevent accidents at unmanned railway crossings


Engineers from IIT Kanpur have come up with an innovative technology – Frequency and Wireless Based Warning System – that can help save many lives. To ensure railway crossings are safe even if there is no one guarding it, the warning system created by these students will produce a sound alert informing people to remain off the tracks, and warn the train driver against it too.

The system involves GPS and RFID technologies, that trigger a warning once the train is 1500 meters away from the crossing. A second warning gets triggered when the train is 800 meters away, and hooters start to flash when the train crosses the 50 metre mark from the crossing.

Interestingly, the system built by the engineers of IIT Kanpur is capable of handling up to 16 trains at once, and is currently being tested between the Unnao-Sonik railway stations, and in the Lucknow-Sultanpur section. In an interview with the Times of India, BM Shukla, principal software engineer at IIT Kanpur said that the trials have been successful and the technology will be handed over to the railway board on December 16.

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