‘If one is not making mistakes, then one is not learning’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys


From disruption to discipline, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights from the week of December 20 – 26 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!

Over 40% of firms will be disrupted out of business as usual in the next 5 years, with 75% yet to start doing anything about it. - Global Centre for Digital Business Transformation

It is disheartening to see repairmen getting meager salaries while the retailers get a major chunk of the pie. - Ankur Gupta, RepairMyGadget.in

I think the big revolution in 2016 will be the massive migration of feature phone users to less-than-$100 smartphone. - Ankit Nagori, Flipkart

Those who copy successful start-ups will die. - T V Mohandas Pai, Manipal Global Education

New mothers need the time, the support at workplace even prior to delivery. - Pooja Gupta, Myntra

One of the most crucial reasons for getting an app rejection is duplicity. - Gaurav Sharma, Antipull

Tomorrow’s world will embrace the dynamics of deep, appropriate and engaging learning. - Madarapu Nagaraju, KnowledgeHut

Why write code when you can write code to write code? - Kashyap Deorah, ‘The Golden Tap’

You need to collect the right data and turn it into knowledge. It will boost your confidence level and will help you stay goal-oriented. - Pawan Gupta, Curofy

As with everything, it started off with a very simple thought. - Anuja Joshi, Pikkabox

Sometimes you have to be rude or aggressive to get things done. - Nilma Dileepan, Yellow Umbrella Productions

Choose your path. There will be bitter-sweet experiences and they make life interesting. - Vrunda Bansode, Cloud Mentor

We estimate that the overall spend on technology around recruitment in India should be about $1–1.5 billion in annual revenues and is expected to grow to $4–5 billion by 2020. - Venkatesh Peddi, IDG Ventures

We have learnt that for a great user experience, visual experiences and critical mass of data matter. – Sangharakshak Neel, FoodMood

Most of these app-based food businesses gain the initial traction in certain pockets of a city, but the same cannot be expected from all parts of the country. - Sanjay Anandaram, SeedFund

Self-drive is today seen as a green alternative to owning cars. - Greg Moran, Zoomcar

Two out of every three products will fail. Accept it, expect it. The trick is to identify failures as early as possible, and to back the winners quickly. – Peter Fisk, ‘Gamechangers’

If one is not making mistakes, then one is not learning! - Anubhav Adlakha, GoZunk.com

Do not just get into the race of creating viral content that is interesting and exciting for your audience, but does nothing for your brand. - Raunak Guha, Rankhigher.in

The journey of social entrepreneurship opens up a number of internal as well as external challenges which the founders need to balance to achieve scale. - Shevika Mishra, Ashoka India

People should change their mindsets, they should feel the toilets are for them, their hygiene. They should use them for an open defecation-free India by 2019. - Union Minister Ram Kripal Yadav

The Dalai Lama had said let this land be a refuge for the homeless and the most unfortunate. I have toiled hard to fulfil his words all these years. – Sugathakumari, Abhaya

There should be a policy which considers that there can be transmen and transwomen. Why should anyone be forced to be identified as third gender? – Christy Raj, transgender

The marketing approach you follow during the early stages of your startup might decide its success or failure. – Subrat Kar, Vidooly

Where you lie on the scale of digital Darwanism is going to be the key differentiating factor of where you will move in this world of algorithmic or digital economies. – Chetan Dube, professor

Aren’t advancements in technology and digitisation supposed to make life simpler? – Aniruddh Sharma, Orbuy

The biggest challenge today in the automobile maintenance and car care segment is transparency. - Suman Howlader, CarZippi

New discoveries are around the corner but it needs open eyes, a keen mind and enthusiasm to grasp them. - Robert Huber, Nobel laureate


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