Meet Radha who endured chest-level waters to bring Milk to families in Chennai


The floods in Chennai have been horrifying, especially to the families stranded in different pockets of the city with limited food and water supplies. During such testing times, local heroes continue to emerge. One such lady is Radha, a local milk-woman who understands her greater responsibility and continues to deliver milk to her customers despite chest-deep water on the streets.

Radha has been delivering milk to Chennai-households for over 30 years, and continues to do so. She wakes up at 4 am, reaches the Aavin pick up point by 5 am. At the usual time for milk delivery, she reaches Srividhya Apartments, in Chennai’s Ashok Nagar area, with 300 packets of milk, and delivers them diligently to every household here. On December 2nd, as Radha was returning from the apartment complex, a resident clicked her photograph and tweeted this –

Although the tweet went viral, Radha was not able to deliver milk for the next few days. Milk and milk products are in great shortage in the city, and Aavin – Tamil Nadu’s state milk cooperative – is trying hard to meet the demands. Radha finds it horrific that during such testing times, some greedy people are selling milk at up-to Rs 100 a litre. In an interview with the News Minute, Radha said, “I go to the collection point every morning. Today I went at 5am, then 6am and then at 10am. They didn’t deliver from the depot, so I got back. Tomorrow definitely I’ll be able to deliver.”

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