This techie is making trips from Bengaluru to Chennai with flood relief material


As the rains and floods continue unabated in Chennai, help has been pouring in from all across and some unlikely heroes have emerged.

One such hero is Ram Kashyap, a techie from Bengaluru. While most of us are worried and busy finding ways to help the victims of the disastrous floods in Chennai, Ram has decided to go all the way. Ram is shuttling between Bengaluru and Chennai with food supplies, containers, paper cups, baby care, first aid kits, rain coats, umbrellas, and other essential relief material.

It started on 2nd December, when he posted his willingness to travel to Chennai and sought support through his Facebook page. His appeal reached out to a huge number of Bangaloreans who were looking for a way to help their neighbors. The response he received was overwhelming, as he successfully completed his first trip to Chennai on 3rd December.

His second trip, which was scheduled for today, December 5th, has received even wider coverage on social media. His post on Facebook went viral, with thousands of people reaching out to him with help. With 20 cars and 3 trucks filled with relief materials last evening, he has been looking for more spare vehicles. His fleet was supposed to leave Bangalore today morning, as they had set up drop points across the city for collecting relief materials and coordinating among people. He has been using Google Docs, Facebook, and Twitter exhaustively to mobilize people and materials.

Here’s wishing Ram and his team of intrepid volunteers a safe trip. We salute the efforts of Ram Kashyap and his friends. Bangaloreans can stay up to date with his plans through his Facebook Page.

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