Meet the King of Bandra - Sandeep Bacche's wonder autorickshaw offers a ride to remember


Thirty-seven-year-old Sandeep Bacche is also known as the King of Bandra. He has been driving his auto for over 15 years now. His auto is unique in many ways as it is equipped with an LCD television and a pay phone. It also has a cell phone charger, WiFi connection, and free first-aid.

Sandeep welcomes his customers with a hot cup of tea which is available for just Rs 5. He also has chocolates to offer in his auto that always smells of perfumes. “The first thing people tell me when they sit in my rickshaw is that they feel like they are sitting in the comfort of their own living rooms,” Sandeep told the Indian Express.

Sandeep lives in a small room with his family. Every morning, he washes his auto and puts the day’s newspapers in his rickshaw and writes announcements for the day’s weather forecast, gold rates, exchange values, and stock updates.

Apart from the wonderful facilities, Sandeep’s auto reflects his personality as a generous human being too. His auto is decorated with numerous messages on eye donation, water conservation, pollution, and saving the girl child. It even has a donation box for cancer relief.

According to MumbaiMag, Sandeep tries his best to help the needy. He offers discounted fare to the visually challenged, differently-abled and even newly married couples. He doesn’t charge a paisa for medical emergencies.

Sandeep’s wonder auto has its limitations too. It has a signboard that says – ‘No toilet available.’ He told Rediff, “Some college girls got in and told me, ‘You have everything; where is the toilet?’ and so I put this sign up.”

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