SketchBubble makes the art of designing presentations easy


The first thing you need when trying to impress customers or investors is a good presentation. And while content is key, it’s equally important that the design be impressive. Hiring a professional designer can be an expensive proposition as they charge anything from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh a deck. So, it’s often left to the founders to create their own presentations.

While there is no dearth of tools and Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote offer themes, one still has to make the presentation from scratch. Other tools like HaikuDeck, Canva, DeckSet, and SlideSource offer designs, images, fonts, colors, and transitions. Despite all this, founders can still come up short. In addition, having to spend so much time on the presentation often eats into their valuable time, which would be better spent on building the business.

Ashish (Co-founder) and Pankaj (Social Media Strategist)

SketchBubble aims to solve that problem by providing a variety of pre-designed fully editable templates. You have to add your desired content, make some basic changes and the presentation is ready with great visuals.

The SketchBubble story

SketchBubble founders Ashish and Rohit were developing a cellphone monitoring software and were looking to make an impressive presentation to take to prospective investors. Like most techies, they were not very good at PowerPoint or designing. Ultimately, they had to spend $500 to hire a professional designer.

The final product was so impressive that the duo realised the impact that a pre-designed professional presentation template would have for people like them in terms of time, money, and the end result.

Rohit, Co-founder of SketchBubble

SketchBubble was launched with 50 PowerPoint templates in September 2014; today, they have over 800 PowerPoint templates with 10,000+ slides. Rohit takes care of the technical part while Ashish handles presentation design and marketing. Pankaj joined them to take care of social media marketing.

The challenge with presentation designs

Initially, the team faced a major challenge with understanding the needs of customers. They wanted to make every piece of the template fully editable with the most common colors used in business presentations.

They learned that no matter what they did, some customers would always have different color combinations in mind. They started designing all templates in multiple color combinations so that customers could select what suited them best.

Who can be benefitted?

SketchBubble’s templates are not limited to decks for investors and customers. A marketer can use a marketing template to explain company strategy, an HR professional can use organisational charts templates to explain company hierarchy, and a product manager can use product status and report templates.

Startup founders can also find everything they need from investor pitches, to marketing plans, business plans, timelines, infographics and product management documents.

Even non-IT professionals like teachers, students, accountants, and lawyers can use their templates.

In addition, all their templates come in a 4:3 as well as 16:9 (wide screen) aspect ratio.

What’s special with SketchBubble

Ashish said, “We are very cost-effective compared with our competitors. In a couple of months, our website will be the one-stop shop for all your presentation needs, be it PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides or Prezi. I do not think there is any other website that has compatible templates for all presentation formats.”

SketchBubble is funded by its parent company InfoShore. Month on month traffic is increasing on their website. Their presentations on SlideShare have got nearly half a million views and their presentations have been featured by HubSpot. You can also download free templates from their website.

Their future plans are to add Web, e-commerce and CMS templates and convert to a marketplace model like Envato. At present, however, they want to focus on designing the templates for Keynote, Google Slides and Prezi.


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