This 63-year-old man is touring India in his self-made solar car to spread Kalam's message


63-year-old Syed Sajjad Ahmed is on a journey from Bengaluru to Delhi in a self-made solar powered car. He started his journey on 1st of November with the idea to promote the message of protecting the environment through greater usage of renewable energy. According to ABP news, He has dedicated his trip to former president APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision of a pollution free India.

Syed’s story is quite interesting. He is a school dropout, but has educated his two sons in legal studies. In his long creative career, he has worked as a fruit seller in Bengaluru, repaired TV sets, and developed a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler vehicle for the disabled. His own daughter is disabled too. It took him years to conceptualise and build the solar-powered four-wheeler worth Rs 50,000, which runs at a speed of 20 Km per hour, as reported by the Hindu.

Syed, who received the World Environment Day Award in 2006, had travelled nearly 1000 Km across south India in 2012 to spread the message against corruption, supporting Anna Hazare’s movement. He is now travelling from Bengaluru through Hyderabad, Bhopal, Jhansi and Agra in the 1740 Km long journey to New Delhi.

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