Mimi Partha Sarathy combines wealth and wellness in a holistic package


The word ‘Sinhasi’ depicts a protective shield in Japanese art, which is meant to ward off evil and ill omen. Mimi Partha Sarathy started ‘Sinhasi Consultants’, an investment planning and advisory firm, in 2005. She felt that their name reflects their services, which aims to protect and build upon their clients’ investments. Mimi had been working with IL&FS Investsmart before that, and setting up an advisory firm, which would have a very disciplined and holistic approach to investing, had been a dream of hers.

Mimi says, “Two important questions need to be clearly defined for anyone to be ‘well’ with their money. Firstly, one needs to be clear about why they are investing their money and for how long. Secondly, one needs to clearly define the returns they expect from each investment they make in a realistic manner. This will bring about a balance in their approach during highs and lows. This is the key to wellness and wealth.”

Based in Bengaluru, Sinhasi Consultants is a team of 11 people and has built up an enviable client base of both individuals and corporates. Some of their clients include Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Gaurav Gandhi, and Sunil Alagh.

Hailing from a Tamil Iyengar family, Mimi feels that her passion for yoga and classical dance has imbued her work with discipline. Mimi grew up in a Bengaluru that was a lot greener. Her parents were nature and wildlife lovers and so, as a family, they frequently travelled to places known for its flora and fauna. They also owned a picturesque coffee estate in Chikmagalur. It is her mother’s passion for music, dance, and yoga that has been inherited by Mimi.

Mimi was trained in Bharatnatyam since she was 8 years old and continues to practice when time permits. She first learnt the basics of yoga as a child from her mother’s yoga instructor, but really reconnected with yoga in 2011. Mimi’s parents fell very ill at that time and she felt very helpless when she saw two of the strongest people in her life totally helpless. Yoga gave her the strength and peace of mind she needed then.

Mimi says, “Yoga totally transformed the way I thought and lived. My lifestyle has changed into one which focuses more on how I can improve myself, and do more to contribute on a larger scale, across various platforms that I am involved in – be it financial advisory, yoga, dance, and conservation efforts.”

A few year after setting up Sinhasi Consultants, Mimi wanted to complement her financial services firm with her other passions – yoga and dance, to make it a 360 degree offering. This dream came to fruition in the form of Krishna Wellness Centre, which was set up in January 2014. The Sinhasi Consultants office as well as the Krishna Wellness Centre are located in different parts of Mimi’s sprawling residence in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. Built in the late 1960s, green and spacious residences, spread across several thousand square feet like hers, are hardly seen in cities like Bengaluru. Mimi is well aware of this and the beauty of her house and garden made it the ideal setting for the wellness centre.

Krishna Wellness Center has over 150 students learning yoga. They also have dance classes conducted by noted Bharatnatyam exponent Padmini Ravi. Mimi also organises many cultural events at the centre.

The beautiful hall in Krishna Wellness Centre

Workshops which covers a wide range of topics from fund management, investments opportunities, estate planning, health and health insurance, benefits of pranayam meditation, yoga, diet, and wellness are also organised often. She feels that the key to financial success is in discipline and balance, which is the foundation of yoga.

Mimi has travelled a lot since she was a teenager, both in India and abroad, especially with her late father. Mimi used to call herself his ‘excess baggage’. Since he was the Director of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation and Nature) located in Switzerland, he used to attend conferences on sustainable development and conservation and Mimi tagged along several times. So charmed was Mimi by the cosmopolitan nature of the population in Swiss cities, that she decided to pursue MBA from Webster university, Geneva.

Travelling continues to be a way of spending quality time with her daughter, the way it was with her parents. Her daughter is pursuing masters in Conservation and Environmental Biology in Sydney. South Africa, Kenya, Switzerland, Spain, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Alaska are some of the favourite places visited by the duo. They also love travelling in India, especially the heritage temples and wildlife reserves.

Mimi believes her work is not separate from her life. Since her mother and daughter are equally passionate about her work, she does not have to worry about work-life balance. Her mother has been her greatest support over the years. She signs off by saying, “I feel I am blessed that my profession involves all the things I love to do.”


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