From auto-rickshaw driver to pilot, Shrikant Pantawane's inspirational story


Nagpur’s Shrikant Pantawane is the son of a security guard. He was once a delivery boy, and later drove an auto to support his family. Shrikant still sits behind a three-wheeled vehicle, but now its not his auto-rickshaw, but an aircraft.

Image: (L); (R) bhaskar

Shrikant’s life changed when he went to the airport once to deliver a parcel. He had a chance to converse with the cadets there who told him that he too could become a pilot. With a new found purpose in his life, there was nothing that could stop Shrikant any more. He prepared for class 12 exams all by himself, and after passing, went on to join a flight school in Madhya Pradesh. English was a barrier, but his friends helped him communicate in the language, India Times reports.

After passing out from the flight school with flying colors and working as a corporate executive for sometime, Shrikant recently joined IndiGo as First Officer. IndiGo Tweeted –

We at Think Change India congratulate Shrikant Pantawane on his journey, and take great pride in his accomplishment. We also hope that he continues to scale greater heights.

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