Web Summit comes to India, urges women entrepreneurs to SURGE ahead


Women in Tech: SURGE encourages female entrepreneurs to register for free tickets

In November 2015, more than 42,000 members of the global tech community, representing more than 134 countries, congregated in Dublin for what has become the largest tech startup event in the world – Web Summit. Over the years, Web Summit has hosted some influential speakers like Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown, Tinder’s Sean Rad, Instagram’s Ed Catmull, and Tour De France Winner Chris Froome.

Impressive by any standards. And yet, the lack of women in attendance is evident: “As a woman producing what’s become the largest tech startup conference in the world, I’ve been acutely aware that female participation in the tech sector has and continues to be a significant issue,” says Sinead Murphy, head of production at Web Summit. Since joining in 2013, Murphy and the team have tried to improve the ratio through a range of initiatives.

She admits that while female participation at Web Summit and their other international events may have increased under her watch, that’s not enough. “Not even close,” she remarks, adding: “This year, we’re expanding our initiatives significantly. As the largest gathering anywhere on the planet this year of the world’s fastest growing companies, we have an obligation to do something meaningful. Something that perhaps lays down a marker for our industry.”

Now Web Summit is inviting 10,000 female entrepreneurs from around the world to their events. This includes their first ever event in India – SURGE. SURGE is expected to attract more than 5,000 attendees, including startups, investors, media and speakers, from India and the world, for what what is going to be the most significant startup event in India this coming year.

SURGE will take place in Bengaluru on February 23-24. For more details click here.

The team behind SURGE want as many female entrepreneurs as possible to attend. Hundreds of talented female executives and founders have already registered for free tickets to SURGE through the Women in Tech initiative.

Get invited, or nominate a woman entrepreneur for an invitation If you would like to invite a female entrepreneur please check out the website.

“Is this initiative enough? Absolutely not. Is this a significant step for Web Summit? Yes, for sure. But let’s be realistic, it’s a tiny step in the right direction along a path that the tech industry, as a whole, needs to move,” remarks Murphy.

Together we can be more inclusive. So, do you know an incredible female entrepreneur who would want to go to the premier startup event in India. They can get a free ticket to SURGE today.