Look out, there’s a huge surprise coming your way!


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Remember how predictable our lives used to be? It didn’t matter how wealthy or ordinary we were, our lives were ruled by tradition and set patterns. Groceries came from kirana stores; clothes from textile shops and vehicles from auto dealers.

Even surprises were predictable in a way. Gifting happened in a set pattern – birthdays, festivals, weddings, functions or when indulgent uncles and aunts visited. The surprise lay in wondering what the gift might be, the joy enhanced by the excitement of opening the box and seeing what it contained.

Remember how special that made you feel? How it made an ordinary day extraordinary? The surprise was all that mattered. It made everything better.

Fast forward to today. Tradition has been turned on its head. We live in the era of speed, convenience and indulgence. Smartphones, e-commerce, digital wallets, online hypermarkets, delivery at your doorstep – these are the hallmarks of shopping today. Often, it is a one-stop-online-shop, where with the click of a finger, we indulge in our desires and lo and behold, a neatly packed box arrives at our doorstep in no time!! The digital world holds many surprises – not just discounts and bargains. Getting something delivered has never been easier. Which means surprises no longer have to be restricted to special occasions.

Because even today, the element of surprise makes everything just a little more special. Makes you wonder…what’s the surprise in store from apni dukaan today?

Simply watch and find out.



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