How to inculcate positivity and energy in your employees


Today's lifestyle is quite hectic. Most of us spend the majority of our time at offices, sitting on chairs and staring at our monitors, getting our fingers to move around on keyboards and mouses, not moving much else. Our brains are racing through reams of data, but our bodies are leading a sedentary life. This will take a toll on Superman, so mere mortals like you and me can only imagine what will become of us if we don't do small little things to enjoy our time on this planet. One of the most popular phrases known to the modern man is "Survival of the fittest" and as animalistic as it sounds, it is true for everyone.

Fitness goes beyond lifting weights at the gym or doing some yoga or pilates. It's a way of life that shapes character, cultivates discipline and instills a conscious living. My tryst with fitness began very early in my life. Being part of the crew on Singapore Airlines, I was made to realise that it's extremely important to stay fit and look great. There's a saying that goes like "The best project you'll ever work on is you." In today's times, fitness should take priority in every individual's life.

I've been living in Bengaluru for a very long time now and have seen many people falling sick every time it starts raining or if winter is coming! This, believe it or not, can be attributed to lower fitness levels. The advantages that a company enjoys on having fit employees are plenty. The biggest one yet is reduced absenteeism on account of ill health, which means that the employees are present to take care of business. Another thing which I've always observed is fitter employees exude more energy which helps them stay focused, bringing the best of themselves to each task while also spilling on the positive energy around to the rest of the team. Employee with positive frame of mind can bring in extra impetus on company’s team building process along with motivating each other in leadership development, analysing organisation skills, reliability, breakthrough thinking, and more.

A physical activity enclosure in office might also help employees, as they can use for exercise or just go and let some steam off after having a tough day at work. It will rejuvenate them and gets them in shape for the next challenge life has to offer.

Did you know that fit people are more optimistic in their outlook and believe in their abilities more than your average Joe does. They have a higher sense of self-confidence, which in turn inspires others around them. Have you ever been to a discotheque earlier than the "party animals" have arrived? If you have, you'd notice that nobody takes on the dance floor even if the music is good. Not until they see others on the floor, shaking it up and looking good. This is what inspires them to go out there and have fun. Quite a few human beings don't like to do physical activity unless it seems like fun or it's giving them monetary returns, so one of the easiest way to get someone to start taking fitness seriously is to show them how much they can gain physically, mentally, and financially if they keep their minds and bodies fit.

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