Mobile App’s Survival Funnel: How to stop uninstalls [Infographic]


If you are not among the top 0.5% of the apps which have defied the 'Law of Attrition', then you must be grappling with high uninstalls & low engagement. Most consumer apps would lose 75% through uninstalls within 30 days and the funnel below gives you an overview of how & why you lose users.

Put all your energies on the 4 critical points depicted below to alter your Install/Active ratio & be a winner:

Goal Conversion = Anything meaningful, directly aligned to your business goals. Examples:

  • First order in an e-commerce apps
  • Social sharing in a news apps
  • Inviting friends in a social app
  • Playlist creation in a music app
  • Signup for an offline conversion
  • IAP(in-app purchase) in a freemium app
  • Achieve a bonus in a game & so on

Hope you find this useful when drafting your customer’s life cycle management plan. All the best.

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