Meet Niranjan Suthar, 17. His “Shock Glove” for protecting girls is creating waves


Niranjan Suthar, a Rajasthan teenager, has developed an e-armour for girls, which shocks a molester numb on contact and dispatches the girl’s location, help message and the video clip of the incident to the police, according to Government officials.

Image: India Times

The young inventor is 17 years old and is a Class 12 Arts student of Ahor government higher secondary school in Rajasthan’s Jalore district, about 390 kilometres from Jaipur. Niranjan says he loves tinkering with electronic gadgets but couldn’t join the Science faculty in college due to poor marks in school. After the Delhi gang rape hit the headlines he took it upon himself to develop a safety device for girls. After a two-year trial period, he has successfully developed a device. Niranjan calls it ‘Shock Glove’. Niranjan says he learnt the circuiting from various internet sources and joined them into a utility device, reports Hindustan Times.

The device weighs 150 grams and is worn on the wrist. The moment a girl defends herself with the wired hand, the molester is administered a 220-volt shock, the officials said. The glove has a SIM card, a GPS chip, a video camera and a 3.4 volt battery and a transformer, which amplifies 3.4 volts to 220 volts on contact. The ‘Shock Glove’ was built for a total amount Rs 500.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed. The device won the first prize in the district level Science, Mathematics and Environment Fair at Jalore in October 2015 and the 48th state-level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition in Ajmer on January 21, 2016. It is also slotted to feature in the National Science Fair, which will be held in March in Delhi this year.

A Delhi-based electronic firm has asked for the device model for Research & Development to explore the possibilities of converting it into a usable consumer format, reports India Times.

It is not Niranjan’s first invention. He has also developed a mini-robot and a small solar panel car too.

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