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If you are a mid-sized e-commerce startup or setting out on a journey to become one, you know that in today’s fast-paced business scene, consumers are lapping up new and emerging communication channels and technology is exploding with new developments being announced every day. Yet there’s one thing that everybody is fighting for, and that’s what makes all the difference – customer loyalty.

In your growth journey, keeping pace with the customer’s evolution and their expectation is pivotal for your success. That’s why developing close relations with customers is the key. To do so successfully, reliably and on a larger scale, you need to give your customers multiple channels to connect with you no matter where they are and what devices they use.

You also need to standardize service across channels, connect all silos of knowledge, innovate new ways to engage, personalize customer engagements, and unify all brand experiences. The challenge is to do it at scale. And it’s non-negotiable, because it’s the key to creating and maintaining customer loyalty.

Naturally, the question that pops up immediately is: how?

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Successfully engaging with your customers with Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud helps you differentiate your brand by developing lasting, profitable customer relationships with a unified web, social, and contact centre experiences. See how Oracle Service Cloud can help you get there.

Web customer service: Let’s face it: Every single one of us wants answers to our questions without having to stop what we are doing. In other words, self-service is a choice that has become the norm. Research studies show that 72% of customers today prefer web and mobile self-service when interacting with an organization. Yet, no modern customer service solution is complete without assisted customer support. And, Oracle Service Cloud offers the best of the both worlds -- assisted service and self-service together to provide a complete customer solution.

Smart customer engagement and personalized service: Oracle’s Service Cloud goes one step further and allows you to derive insights from social conversations and use that insight to offer a superlative customer experience. Tweets and likes will now transform into revenue and positive advocacy. What’s more, you’ll also be able to offer a personalized service with the help of a virtual assistant, live-agent chat assistance, guided interactions, and more.

Cross-channel contact centre: Research studies show that #1 reason to recommend a company is an exceptional customer service experience. And so, as a business that’s targeting high growth, it is essential to move your contact centre from one that’s the norm to one that’s exceptional. To achieve this, you need a solution that empowers your agents with the tools and knowledge they need to resolve complex issues quickly and efficiently, regardless of the channel or device that your customers use to connect with you.

Empower employees: With Oracle’s Cloud Service, your employees will be able to manage their work with built-in productivity tools and other key technology features that help them up their efficiency. They will also be able to zero in on the right answer faster and thereby ensure customer complaints are resolved quickly.

Knowledge management: How many times have you looked for information online and when you didn’t find any concrete information you decided to opt for a service or purchase which had all the answers. Sounds familiar? Just like you, today’s customers often look for information online before making a decision. Hence, availability of right knowledge is the first point of engagement with customers. That’s why a modern knowledge management solution that enables you to put the information where you customers need it the most – across channels, devices – is important.

Policy Automation: Policies – be it company policies, regulations or laws – are increasingly getting tougher to manage and ensure that they are consistently adhered to across the organization. The Oracle Cloud Service Policy Automation enables organizations across industries to achieve greater business agility by automating their services, policies, processes, and regulations to provide superior customer experiences. Be it responding to policy changes in days in comparison to what took months, to understanding the impact of new policies, to testing policies before deployment, is now easy.

Accelerate your journey today

It’s time to deliver a modern customer experience by meeting customer expectations. With Oracle Service Cloud, you will be assured of that and so your customers will love you more and your brand will be stronger than ever. Learn more and go for it today.

Get going. Get better. Get ahead.

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