How to achieve client satisfaction in customised mobile app development


Smartphones have taken over the world thanks to the numerous apps that give users access to almost anything they need, right at their fingertips. This digital revolution brought about by mobile apps is growing rapidly, making the world smarter and smaller. India is one of the leading nations that is playing an active part in this progressing revolution. When it comes to the development of customised mobile apps, the developers in India are highly regarded for their clarity of vision and unique innovations that they bring to the table.

Statistics show that close to 400 million people use the Internet actively, half of whom use their smartphones to access it. This shows that the mobile phone app development holds the future of many businesses in years to come.

Customised mobile app development

It is needless to say that the customer is the most significant factor while developing a customised mobile app. The customer puts forward his requirements and expectations and it is up to the app developer to transform this vision into a smooth workable interface on a mobile phone. Ensuring customer delight is the primary objective of every mobile app development company. Following are the most vital factors that can ensure customer delight.

Conduct your research in advance - It is an excellent practice to do sufficient research on the client before the first official meeting. The objective of the research should be to know the client’s business, products, services, operations, strengths, weaknesses and business competitors in the market. A positive impression is created in the client’s mind during the meeting once he realises that you have done your homework and have significant knowledge of the client and his business. The client is more likely to hand you their contract, even in the future.

Planning is key - To sustain a healthy client relationship, proper planning is of utmost importance as it leads to success and longevity of the venture. Once there is a solid plan in place, spotting issues that arise and dealing with them appropriately become simpler. Moreover, a client is likely to judge your professionalism by the way you chart out a plan and effectively implement it. Clients always prefer good planners as they are known to reduce risks, delays, and losses.

Quality is king - There is no substitute for quality when developing customised mobile apps. On delivery, the first thing every client checks is how robust the app is and whether the customers would be happy with its quality. A product that has excellent quality is bound to get appreciated, thus ensuring repeat business with the same company. However, if the level of quality falls it can adversely affect the relationship with a client.

Under-promise, over-perform - When creating drafts of requirements and agreements for the client, it is a good idea to not over-promise on certain things. A more viable strategy is to develop the agreements with an amount of discretion and then go the extra mile while planning and implementing the project. Delivering more than what was promised always results in client satisfaction and builds client loyalty.

No lack of communication - Effective communication between the app development team and the client is of utmost significance for successful delivery of the product as required. There should be points of contact assigned on both sides who would effectively carry out all the necessary communication regarding updates, milestones, changes, and progress, on a daily basis.

Feedback is essential- Feedback plays an important role not only in the project delivery but also while it is in the development stage. Client feedback should be taken constructively and efforts should be made to implement the suggested changes as per what the client needs. This not only creates client satisfaction but also ensures a better-quality product.