The most dangerous writing app makes sure you don’t get distracted while writing


If you have always wanted to write a blog post or an article but could not get yourself to do it, it could be due to all the distractions around you. For example, you may have the urge to check the notifications on your social media every few minutes. There are already apps that block certain websites whilst you are working, but the app we are talking about today is in a different league altogether.

The most dangerous writing app

This article was written in five minutes. I could not believe it when I managed to finish the article. It was written using The Most Dangerous Writing App. Yes, you read that right. The Most Dangerous Writing App is a web-based application that lets you set a time for writing, so that you continuously write for that amount of time. If you stop before your set time, your entire content gets lost. There is a timer in the writing section that tells you how much time is remaining. So it becomes mandatory that you write and not stop in between.

This also makes sure you do not get distracted and all your brainstorming will happen on the page itself. That too while typing, so you can scribble, think out loud or do whatever you feel like. Though this web-based app is good to boost productivity when it comes to writing, it makes it a tad difficult to write continuously. The trick is not to choose a long writing time so that you can work in short bursts.

The app might be a cool project for someone but it works, and works really well, as once you have written a significant chunk of text you will be worried about losing your work if you wander off. And this is the exact intent of the app: to make sure the user finish his work and does not wander off in between. However, a drawback is that even when you backspace to correct your work it considers that as inactivity and threatens to delete the work. Apart from this the app works well to ensure you work hard.

There have been a lot of apps when it comes to productivity, especially for writing, like FocusWriter. But while other apps try to reduce distractions by going full screen or using other ways, none of them penalise the user like The Most Dangerous Writing App.


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