This self-taught vet in Kolkata has treated over 2,500 stray dogs in his own home


This is a phenomenal story of a Kolkata resident, Sandip Karan. Sandip has learnt everything about the treatment of stray dogs hands-on, by assisting another vet. By 2014, he had treated over 2,500 stray dogs and cared for them in his own home. A self-taught veterinarian and surgeon, in Kolkata he is known as the “street dog doctor”. Sandip has started his own NGO, Concern for Environment and Animal Welfare.

Image: The Stand

In a report by The Alternative, with no formal veterinary education, Sandip has become confident in conducting surgeries. He helps dogs battle cancer, cares for dogs with liver failure, nurses trauma patients back to health, and does house calls for vaccinations and in-home treatment. He shares everything with his patients. His wife, Moumita, and his mother, Saraswati, assist in the treatment and care of each dog.

Image: The Stand

According to Dog Express, when called to treat a street dog in a far away place, he sometimes brings home his ‘patient’ if the situation demands ‘hospitalisation’. After the ‘patient’ gets well under his treatment he ensures its safe journey to the place it comes from. Sandip treats ailing dogs at his home. He cooks for them too. Karan does not believe in chaining or caging the dogs. They are free to move around.

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He is a rare example of a truly compassionate person and he doesn’t let anything, whether it be a lack of formal schooling or the hostility of other people, stand in his way.

Image: The Stand

Concern for Environment and Animal Welfare has a Facebook page. Quoting Sudipta Ghosh, a follower of this organisation and page – “Heaven for animals… making the world a better place… best place for poor animal… Hats off to you people giving your time and effort to save beautiful animals by showing them compassion and love. Keep up good work… Respect and god bless you always.”

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