Sandeepa and Chetan sold their house to travel the world and are now India's leading travel bloggers


There is something attractive about stories which inspire people to give up their routine and plunge into another dimension of life. We all are looking to live our lives to the fullest, yet very few achieve this extraordinary feat. Some even call it madness! People who have it in them, do just about anything under the sun to pursue their dream. For Mumbai-based Sandeepa and Chetan, the desire to travel was so strong that they not only quit their jobs, but sold their house just so that they could journey around the world!

Sandeepa who is an Electronics Engineer and Chetan who has an advertising and design background told India Times, “Reactions from family and friends initially ranged from ‘This is amazing! Go for it!’ to ‘What’s wrong with you? It’s time for you to have kids, not travel!'”

The couple likes to travel with no fixed plan, letting serendipity guide them. They travel as slow as their visas allow. Public transport is their preferred mode of transport and homestays their preferred mode of accommodation. They love the mountains and the beaches – islands and deserts. Tiny obscure lanes being their favourite part of a big tourist city.

So far Sandeepa and Chetan have covered the length and breadth of India, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. Travelling as a couple means being together all the time! This presents its own challenges. They once fought in Patagonia after facing the “fatigue of continuous travel” and finding they didn’t have enough money to continue their journey.

Their love for travel and nature was one of the reasons they were drawn to each other. Their first trip together was their honeymoon to Coorg in the western ghats in India (now a UNESCO world heritage site). They stayed in homestays, went on treks, forest walks and safaris and had a great time. Today they are India’s leading travel bloggers. To know more, visit

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