Creative writing workshop on April 23


It’s back. The third edition of YourStory Creative Writing Workshop will be held on April 23. If you missed attending the first and the second editions, here’s another opportunity to get professional help to unblock the writer’s block. This time, we've got theatre and poetry to get the creative juices flowing.

Writer Shinie Anthony taking a session at the first Creative Writing Workshop.

Pick the tools of storytelling from experts in the field, published authors and writers. The workshop will focus on different forms of storytelling. You could be an entrepreneur who wants to tell your story to investors as briefly and with impact as possible. You could be a student looking to apply to colleges abroad and need to tell your story in a long form essay. You could be a homemaker and want to start your own blog to share the treasure trove of stories you have accumulated about people around you. You could be a content writer in your company. Or you just want to become a published author. Whoever you are, you will agree that a good story scores above all else.

Our past participants have had their writing published in YourStory as well as other established media.

Author Srinath Perur at the second workshop.

The earlier workshops were led by authors Shinie Antony, Andaleeb Wajid, Zac O’ Yeah, Srinath Perur, Reema Moudgil, and digital marketing and technology expert Arvindh Sundararajan.

The day-long workshop will be a combination of practical and interactive sessions by different experts, including a session on poetry writing.

When: April 23, 2016. 9 am to 5 pm

Where: YourStory, 229, 2nd Floor, 7th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage, CMH Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Register here.

For queries, write to with the subject line: ‘Creative Writing Workshop’.

Here's the full schedule:

Registration: 9 am to 9: 30am (30 minutes)

‘Everyone has a story to tell’: Intro session by Dipti Nair, writer and Editor-at-Large at YourStory: 9: 31 am to 11: 30 am (120 minutes)

Tea Break: 11.31 am to 11.45 am (15 minutes)

Why write’ by Shinie Antony, author and Co-founder of The Bangalore Literature Festival: 11.46 am to 1.00 pm (75 minutes)

Lunch Break: 1.01 pm to 1: 30 pm (30 minutes)

‘Storytelling and theatre’ by Kirtana Kumar, veteran theatre professional and Founder of Infinite Souls, theatre lab: 1.31 pm to 2.30 pm (60 minutes)

‘Finding poetry in the mundane’ by Sourav Roy, published poet and writer at YourStory: 2.31 pm to 5 pm (150 minutes)

Tea and snack: 5 pm onwards.

Closing: (5 minutes)