‘Great teams build great ideas’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys


From technology to teams, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights from the week of May 8-14 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!

Algorithms are going to be the future of the world. India needs the next generation of entrepreneurs who are bold enough to chase this dream. - Abinash Tripathy, Helpshift

It is important to have both a website and an app for your e-commerce enabled store. - Shashikant Kore, Karooya

Technology has sufficiently advanced to fundamentally transform the learning experience and help both students and teachers. - Salman Khan, Khan Academy

When it comes to beauty services, the customers aren’t price sensitive. - Prateek Jain, StayGlad

The space for men’s grooming is worth $600 million and is growing at a CAGR of 11 per cent. – Euromonitor report

It is time to get youngsters who are digital natives in your boardrooms to let them take charge. - Ankit Rawal, FourthLion

Discounts exclusively provided on apps cannot sustain the business in long term. - Mrigank Gutgutia, RedSeer

The concept of discounts to lure customers, irrespective of how good or bad the product is, will not work in the long run. - Mohandas Pai, Aarin Capital

A compelling story with a brilliant video execution can be a growth hack for your startup. – Pardeep Goyal, Startup Karma

Vision and mission are overused expressions. What matters, in fact, are the right strategies, and the ability to execute with a clear focus on numbers. - Puneet Prakash, CityLink

Great teams build great ideas. - Shashank Murali, Tapchief

Less is more. – Ridhi Arora

Don’t feel guilty, it is okay to be not able to do everything. - Mohita Indrayan, 612 League

Entrepreneurship is part of the Indian fabric that we want to tap into, it is what drives the 48 million MSMEs in India. - Amo Kalar, UK Trade and Investment

Successful startups train their people in becoming ‘taskmasters’ rather than ‘paper tigers’. - Anil Kshatriya, IMTN

Innovation is a learned skill. – Amantha Imber, Inventium

Keep your eyes on what you do, not worry what world is doing. - R. Narayan, Power2SME

Air quality is often the most neglected as it cannot be estimated by human eyes. - Ankit Vyas, Oizom

99.9% of India’s consumers are unaware of where and how the fruits and vegetables they buy are grown. – S. Madhusudhan, Back2Basics

Women entrepreneurs are successful. Then why are we still being asked how we manage being a woman? – Riddhi Gupta, House Of Wow

For a first-time woman entrepreneur, and for someone who doesn’t have male partners, getting people into the business is a challenge. - Gitanjali Ramji, Tanjor by Angie

Our abilities as women and mothers are exactly what we need to create businesses that can brave any storm. - Tina Garg, Pink Lemonade

Managing pregnancy while managing (and growing) one’s own business teaches women to be master jugglers and that, for me, is the true essence of entrepreneurship. - Summi Gambhir, GlobalLinker

Educational qualifications are no bar to start a business. Be courageous and persevere and you can change your world! - Nandini B., Uber

What seems like a big problem today, will be solved or gone tomorrow for sure, but only if you keep working at it. - Manisha Ahlawat, Vivafit

Do you realise how few ever really understand how fortunate they are in their circumstances? – R.K.Narayan

We often tend to forget that gifts are the basis of our survival as a species. This earth and all that it gives – air, water, food, and sunlight, are all gifts. - Aparna Pallavi, Mahua Yatra

Art has no rules and boundaries. It’s all about pushing yourself beyond your imagination. - Nishka Mehta, ArtBeat

Art stands tall over all the conformist and orthodox ideas of forged borders. - Tina Vachani, Routes2Roots


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