What’s your biggest digital marketing challenge?


With the world becoming digital in every way possible, it’s easy to see why digital media is gaining prominence among both consumers and businesses. For consumers, it offers engaging, informative, timely content, plus it’s convenient and flexible. For businesses, it offers cost-effectiveness, instant feedback, accessibility, and much more. But that’s only if it’s done right. If you’re a marketing professional, entrepreneur, or a digital media evangelist who has worked towards charting digital marketing plans and channelising efforts with a larger view of driving organisational growth, you’ve probably experienced both hits and misses.

The Kstart survey on Digital Marketing aims to capture these experiences. Your voice will help to understand and explore the on-ground reality of this rapidly evolving landscape. Take the survey now and tell us more about your experience.

Why digital marketing is here to stay and grow

For many, digital becomes a more viable option than traditional media because even with a small budget, businesses can test the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, control costs, and reach out to targeted prospects. So every type of business (big and small, old and new) is recognising the importance of leveraging digital marketing. Not surprising then, that the digital media industry is booming at 40% y/y growth when other industries are struggling at 5% or 6%.

According to the Digital India 2016, annual state of marketing in India, a report by Octane Research, 80% of Indian marketers believe that integrated campaigns (email, social and mobile) can result in moderate to significant increase in conversion rates. And for 58% of India’s marketers, customer acquisition is the primary focus area for marketing activities planned for 2016.

Tell us where how you plan to use your digital marketing budget and for what.

Not without its challenges

A key feature of digital marketing is its dynamic nature. Take for instance some of the trends this year. Being mobile-first has become a ‘must-have’ from what was earlier thought as ‘nice-to-have’, with mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic for many companies. Influencer marketing is gaining ground and is seen as a viable strategy for brands to reach out to their target audience. Native ads are gaining increased popularity. Video is becoming a potent promotional tool.

Additionally, depending on what a startup wants wish to achieve, its digital strategy can involve a zillion permutation and combinations of a number of factors such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, integrated marketing, content marketing, lead nurturing, etc. This compels businesses to have a digital marketing strategy that is in sync with the ever-evolving trends and changing needs of the organisation, making it all the more challenging.

It is time to tell us more about what you think about digital marketing and some of the challenges you face. Take the Kstart survey on Digital Marketing now.

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