Five reasons why you should join YourStory’s Cloud Conversations – in person!


Let’s face it: cloud-based services, offering the triple advantages of affordability, flexibility and scalability, are a boon for cash-strapped startups and businesses looking to grow quickly. With cloud, nascent businesses that can’t afford on-site IT resources achieve quicker growth and scale better while retaining enough cash to kick off their growth plans, lower costs, speed-up time to market, and build awesomely differentiated solutions. So let’s talk - in person on 13 May 2016 (save the date) – at the first in a series of YourStory Cloud Conversations. Interested? Here’s how you sign up and get your invitation. And here’s five reasons why an early-stage business on the cloud, you shouldn’t miss this event.

Reason #1: It’s a one-stop-shop for all things cloud

If you haven’t adopted the cloud yet, then this is where you’ll find out why you should. If you’re already on the cloud, you’ll find out how to grow your business exponentially using cloud. It’s not just about revenues and profits. A broad-ranging cloud platform helps businesses increase productivity, secure data, provide a great customer experience, redefine business intelligence, and do a whole lot more, all at an affordable cost. And like all YS meetups, this one promises tons of interaction.

Reason #2: Learn how to best use the cloud to power your business

Irrespective of whether your business is already on the cloud or you’re undecided about making the switch, this is where you’ll find out from an expert how young companies can build apps and services on the cloud across multiple devices and platforms. Doing that will leave you free to focus on your growth strategy instead of having to deal with IT issues. You’ll find out how to win big in the Indian market with the cloud.

Reason #3: Get the lowdown from an expert on how to win big with the cloud

Winning big in the Indian market in any area is a tall order. And yet, you won’t know how big you can get unless you try. We’re bringing to you Takeshi Numoto, a global cloud leader who can provide some pretty valuable insights on how young businesses can benefit from a growing collection of integrated cloud services (analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networking, storage, web app services and more). Takeshi Numoto is Corporate VP (Enterprise & Marketing) at Microsoft. He’s also going to talk about Bizspark, a software and service tailor-made for startups, through which Microsoft helps and supports fledgling business to grow.

Reason #4: Interact with other startups, interrogate the experts

It’s a YS meetup, so like always, there will be plenty of time and scope for you to interact with other businesses and entrepreneurs like yourselves. And if you can get the inside track on what your competition is up to, that’s just an added bonus! But seriously folks, you’ll get to meet a variety of startups who are at various stages of using cloud services, so it’s a great place to meet people who are cloud customers, have had success using the cloud or face the same challenges you do. Besides Takeshi, there will be other experts from Microsoft too – it doesn’t matter if you’re on the fence about cloud or are considering a cloud-first approach, feel free to pick their brains as you figure out what will work best for you.

Reason #5: Meet the YS team

We’re often ribbed and poked for ignoring startups in New Delhi and NCR – we’ve heard you loud and clear and we’re bringing you an offer you can’t refuse. We’re on your turf (hey, it’s ours too, and you’ll see more of us in NCR this year). This is your chance to meet the YS team in person! Over the past 7+ years, we’ve written almost every startup story there is to tell (37,000 stories and counting, in 13 languages). And we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting entrepreneurs. Come, share your stories with us!

Here’s the fine print you need:

When: Friday, May 13, 2016

Where: Taj Mansingh, New Delhi

Time: 7.00 pm onwards (we suggest you get there a little early to finish registration formalities and chat with the YS team – early birds and all that jazz!)

How: You do need to register – click here and tell us a little about yourselves and we’ll send you an invitation.

And finally, a big thank you to Microsoft Azure – our partner for the first in a series of YourStory Cloud Conversations – for making this possible.