Tips on how to remain fit from an 80-year-old performing body builder


80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd, the world’s oldest performing female body builder, has redefined bodybuilding. The adage that age is simply a number, is suited to Ernestine. Ernestine, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday, had started going to the gym when she was 56, and her commitment to fitness continues, as she wakes up at 3 am in the morning and follows a rigorous daily routine. She is a fitness trainer, model, competitive body builder, and an author.

Image: Suzou

Daily Bhaskar quoted her Facebook post, “I am 80 years young today and I thank God for bringing me this far. I’m still determined, I’m still dedicated and I’m still disciplined to be fit! I look forward to all that God has in store because I’m just getting started.” This post got over 20,000 likes and was shared by more than 8,000 people.

Ernestine was named the world’s oldest female bodybuilder by the Guinness Book of World Records in both 2010 and 2011.Despite all the exercise, Ernestine says that she has no aches or pains whatsoever and has never been injured in the 17 years of her new improved life.

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Ernestine has shared some of her secret that allows her to defy “normal” ageing on her website.

Ernestine’s secret:

  • Ernestine began slowly under the guidance of an expert personal trainer and gradually conditioned her body
  • Ernestine, realising early on the importance of good nutrition (including sufficient protein and supplements) sought out the services of a nutritionist
  • She tries to have a positive attitude about everything and believes in encouragement, inspiration and family support and lives by mantra “Determined — Dedicated— Disciplined To Be Fit”

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