Coffee and gossip breaks? Game breaks are a better idea!


Overwhelming and stressful work schedules are not unusual concepts anymore. Sitting in one place and peering into your monitor can be monotonous and can even get extremely stressful if you do it for too long. Taking a break seems like a good idea at this point. Grabbing a nice, hot cup of coffee, engaging in a bit of gossip and taking a short walk are things that most people do during their breaks. But what would be really great is if you can find something to really engage your brain cells.

Fortunately, living in the digital world has made this easier for us. There are many amazing mobile and computer games which can help you tickle your brain cells and enhance your grey matter. Like these for example:

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Fit Brains

Designed by neuroscientists, this mobile game is an excellent way to refresh your mind after hours of exhausting work. Fit Brains helps in sharpening your mind and boosting your memory in addition to improving your concentration and problem-solving skills.


This engaging mobile app consists of tiles with two and its multiples marked on them. You can move these tiles by swiping them. When two tiles with the same number touch each other, they merge and double. To win this game, you need to go on till you reach the number 2048.


You don’t always have access to the newspaper when you want to indulge yourself in a little game of Sudoku. Fortunately, this app is available on Google Play Store.

Unblock Me

This is a simple, yet challenging mind game. There are about 14,500 puzzles available in this game. What you need to do is unblock the red block from the board by sliding other blocks in different directions with minimum possible moves. The pleasant interface of the game gives you an excellent break from your monotonous work schedule.

Logo Quiz

This is a quiz game where you need to figure out the names of brands by looking at their logos. This game has a large collection of logos for you to guess. Logo Quiz is a good way to destress and pass the time when you’re bored.


Minesweeper has been on personal computers for Windows over two decades now. If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely consider it the next time you need a break from work. Minesweeper is a simple game where you are supposed to stay away from the mines on the frame. You start by clicking on the many squares on screen. The game ends when you click on a mine. Some squares have a number on them indicating how many mines surround them. Keep clicking on the empty squares to continue playing.

Internet Checkers

Everyone loves a good game of checkers! You can play this popular board game on any computer with a Windows OS. However, you need an active internet connection to play this. You can play this game with players around the world.

Sports Bike Challenge

This PC game allows you to take a virtual sports bike challenge through a variety of terrains including desserts, cities, mountains and so on. It’s a simple game with easy controls and can be played both offline and online.


Who doesn’t love a good game of cards? This wildly entertaining card game is another staple Windows game. If you’re looking for a quick-paced card game during a small break, Hearts is the one for you.

Fifa ‘16

Compared to other games on this list, Fifa is a bulky choice. But if you’re in a mood for a game with some excellent graphics, and you have some good amount of time to kill in between assignments, look no further than Fifa ‘16!

If you think that your game is better and is not listed here, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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