10 Jaw-dropping habits of influential leaders


Regardless of whether they head a multi-billion dollar company or manage a startup with less than 10 employees, successful leaders have many similarities. They may not always work with the most talented team, but they would know how to extract the best from their team members. Here are some of the most common traits of most great leaders:

  1. They are original

Good leaders never imitate other people’s style. They have a unique success tale shaped by diligent efforts and sharp intellect. They dare to think differently, initiate and participate in change and work their way towards success.

  1. They do not rush into things

No, this doesn’t mean that they procrastinate. This only means that they wait for the sun to shine so that they can make their hay! They are willing to wait for the best version of their idea, and for conditions to be favorable for them. Leonardo Di Vinci worked on the famous ‘Monalisa’ for 16 years before he showed it to the world. Leaders do not believe in dashing to the finish line first with an inferior idea or product. They take their time to bring out trend changing inventions.

  1. They are not sellers of the brand, they are the brand themselves.

Leaders don’t sell brands; they are brands themselves. They know that actions speak louder than words and believe in making consistent decisions. They are not only passionate, but also believe in what they are doing.

  1. Great leaders want to go the extra mile

You will never hear a good leader complaining about limited resources, or unsuitable working situations or lack of opportunities. Whether it is about managing the cost of company at own expense or keeping aside their success chances to let others try, leaders always outline a caring will. They prioritise the progress of the organisation more than anything else and work with their team to achieve the best results.

  1. Putting ‘we’ over ‘I’:

True leaders always know the importance of a good team and strong network. They always help others overcome their weaknesses and try to maintain an environment full of integrity. They connect their vision with every employee and empower togetherness as an important aspect of leadership.

  1. They give purpose rather motivation

Surprisingly, good leaders never force motivation. They know that real inspiration comes from within when an employee succeeds at his work. They identify each employee’s proficiencies and strengths and give them a reason to enjoy their work. They support this with appreciation and encouragement to maintain a motivating environment.

  1. Calculated risks are their forte

The world today is full of innovations. Well, good leaders surprise us with the trait of de risking. They keep an update about every rise and fall around. They are full of knowledge and use it as a key factor to lessen the risk possibilities in their organisation.

  1. They are willing to learn from anyone!

The most influential leaders are those who never treat themselves as bosses. An apt leader is open-minded and looks forward to learning from his juniors as well. He knows he is leading in the race but always acts like just another participant.

  1. They have a manner of talking

Sometimes, we see that leaders keep shut even though they are right. This is because they have the wisdom to draw the line between being happy and being right. When they are right, they do not need to win an argument to prove it.

  1. They initiate processes

When a problem needs to be solved, they are the ones to turn up first. They come up with inventive ideas; implement them with a top-notch leadership and wins over the crests and troughs of the situation.

To be a leader, there needs to be a team. Good leaders are the ones who will build and sustain an efficient and productive team.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)