Meet the Indian entrepreneur who has made it to the list of Time magazine's 10 millennials changing the world


A 30-year old Indian entrepreneur has been named by Time magazine to its 2016 list of 10 millennials who are changing the world for building a phone which can help people to interact and access critical services by communicating in their native languages.

Umesh Sachdev, Founder Uniphore

Umesh Sachdev has been named by Time to its 2016 list of 10 millennials who are changing the world for his work on building a phone that can understand almost any language.

Sachdev, along with his college friend Ravi Saraogi, founded Uniphore Software Systems. The Chennai-based startup produces software allows people to interact with their phones and access services such as online banking by communicating in their native languages, Time said in its profile on Sachdev. Uniphores products, which include a virtual assistant that is able to process more than 25 global languages and 150 dialects, are being used by over five million people, mostly in India.

Phones can help increase financial inclusion or help a farmer get weather information but you need a way for people to interact with the technology out there Sachdev said in the Time profile.

Time said through the software, Sachdev is building bridges and helping hundreds of millions of people cross the divide between the digital and the real world by harnessing the power of speech. It said Sachdev found solution to a problem that phones didnt carry the language of villagers in rural India.

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