Yoga has the power to transform your professional life – Here is how


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden address at United Nations General Assembly in September 2014 went down in history. Not only because of his bold statements but also because it gave rise to a new wave: The International Day of Yoga (IDY). The world joined hands in his proposition of celebrating it on 21st June. In his words, Yoga is a precious gift to mankind. Yoga is the union of mind and body; thought and actions; discipline and actions. It connect us with the nature. With a healthy body and mind, we can pave the way towards a better society. Yoga is not just a set of asanas, it brings positive changes in one’s lifestyle making him a better aware and responsible human being. Very soon the UN understood the importance of Yoga in the fast paced modern world and declared 21st June a world celebration of Yoga and Meditation. In its maiden year celebration in 2015, millions were witnessed all around the globe to adopt this lifestyle.

Whether you are a working professional, a housewife, a student or a retired person, Yoga has its benefits in every stage of the life cycle. Below we are listed the benefits of Yoga:

Holistic Well Being

True health isn’t just being physically fit but also mentally and emotionally. With the help of different postures, pranayamas and meditation, one can achieve holistic well-being and unlock his dynamic self. This also paves the way for creativity and innovations at work.

Stress Buster

Daily life is an accumulation of different types of stress, work stress being one of the major ones. This affects our minds and bodies in many more ways than we can even imagine. A few minutes of daily yoga can help you release stress and be much more productive than you already are.

More Energy and Fewer Procrastinations

Yoga betters the blood flow to your brain cells and all the muscles in the body. This automatically leads to better energy levels and lesser chance for procrastinations. Not only will you be able to utilize all the time you spend at work, you are going to magically find the time and energy to do many other things that you didn’t intend on doing.

Tummy Checker

Daily yoga postures such as sun salutations are great tools to lose that unwanted fat. Another thing happens is yoga makes our body happier and healthier inside. So naturally the body seeks healthier food, reducing the intake of uninvited calories. Well, a healthy body is the way to a healthy mind and that, will make you work so much better.

Healthier Relationships

Professionals have experienced a much better connect with their associates after becoming a regular yoga practitioner. Startups could develop and in house work culture where employees do yoga together. It would create a space of casual talk and bonding. Personal bonds often lead to better productivity at work.

It is because of these benefits of Yoga that it is soon to become part of school curriculums. There are universities and courses also coming up that allow people these days to study/learn yoga to later pursue it as a career.

With the help of Foundations like The Art of Living, Isha Foundation and Baba Ramdev, the Ministry of AYUSH is out in full force to make a difference and spread the awareness about yoga.

People in thousands and lakhs are going to practice yoga on 21st June 2016, are you?



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