5 books to read before you give up on your startup dream


You may not be an avid reader, but reading inspiring books can really be your stepping stone to running a successful startup. While it may seem extremely unnerving for first-time players, entrepreneurial material in the form of books can give useful insights about startups and the various challenges other aspiring entrepreneurs faced when they were on the verge of doing something unconventional.

The dynamics of having your own business can get quite nerve-racking. So before you give up on your startup dreams, know a little about the odds successful individuals battled before they became enterprising in their own space.

The Power of Broke

This is one of the most interesting reads for newbies. Wonderfully authored by Daymond John and Daniel Paisner, this book is about how different entrepreneurs have mastered their innovative ideas of startups from nowhere. It is beautifully scripted with case studies that prove how the dearth of resources at the beginning of starting up can get challenging. And, how various aspiring businessmen, on their quest of making it big, faced extremities and emerged more powerful and strong. Motivational case studies include how aspirants with a meagre funding of $40 and lesser have built their empires to $6 billion.

The Lean Startup

They say startups, on most occasions, are bound to fail. This masterpiece of a book by Eric Ries talks of Ries’ own struggle. It meticulously details how startups become prosperous and affluent when treated as experiments. Also, read insights on the way startups can innovate and get into product development in a way no established business can.


Rework is an exceptional piece of work by Jason Fried and David Hansson that is highly instrumental in changing the way how newbies think. It can completely revamp your ideas about working environments, staffing, planning, directing and controlling. It is all about a rethinking the conventional business model. Rework aims at strengthening the core process of working without being rich or being a workaholic and how to maximise output with a limited set of resources.

Steve Jobs

Needless to mention, this book by Walter Isaacson has quoted true revelations from the pioneer in his industry, Steve Jobs. It contains narratives from his life in the form of questionnaires and interviews conducted for a period of two years. With excerpts from his childhood to the struggles of his career in terms of becoming the co-founder of Apple, this book is definitely a must-read for all those who dream of building an empire just by executing what they have truly believed in.

The Business Start-Up Kit

By far, one of the most inspiring reads for successful starting up, this book by Steven D. Strauss discusses the tricks of the trade. It enlightens the audience on highlighting what will and what will not function when one is about to venture into something new. It also elaborates how essential it is to be impassioned about a business idea and beneficent generic game changers that apply to all startups alike.

So what’s stopping you from moving ahead? Read on and make a list of dos and don’ts that can help you choose the right path in all aspects of doing business.


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