With attention spans decreasing and memories fading, here is how you can hold up a conversation


Communication is the backbone of any business. It’s also an art that requires tremendous amounts of practice to be perfected. As human beings, we don’t find it easy to pay attention, and in this could not be truer now that we have entered the digital age. It takes skill to attract people’s attention and even more skill to hold that attention. The only way to do both of these is through short and smart communication.

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As working professionals, you are expected to shape conversations in a way that keeps your audience engrossed. If you have trouble doing this, fret not. Just follow these simple tips to master the art of short and smart conversations:

Lead the group

We are all aware of the fact that leaders do things differently, and this is exactly the knack you need to imbibe in all your professional endeavours. When you choose to lead a conversation, you will, by default, have a set of followers looking up to you to seek your opinion. Your leadership traits will allow you how to direct the flow of the conversation and ensure whatever you say is being taken seriously.

Don’t dominate

While it is a good idea to lead a conversation, it is unwise to impose your point of view on others. There is a thin line between the two, and you need to define this line distinctly. Otherwise, you can be left cornered if you try to dominate instead of trying to lead.

Keep the audience engaged

It is always wise to make your audience feel important and give them credit for being patient listeners. While making a point, try to pass the baton to your colleagues to make sure that your dialogue makes sense to them and also to understand the level of comprehension amongst the group. Ask questions like “What do you think?” or “What would you do in such a situation?” after making your statements. The level of alertness that the audience shows in your dialogue is directly proportional to the amount of significance you show them. Knowing this will enable you to understand how to continue the remainder of your dialogue.

Stay updated

Deliver something amazing, and it is sure to make an impression. It’s important to be knowledgeable, because it is how one can go places. The vital first step towards having an effective professional exchange is to talk about something that will evoke a positive response. Your choice of topic determines how your listeners perceive you. So make sure that you have researched well about what you will talk about.

Add humour

A little humor in discussions is always appreciated. Witty one-liners will always make sure that the audience vouches for you instead of someone who is full of information but no humour. Humour always helps in lightening up a chat and helps people open up more than they would in a serious talk.

If you incorporate the tips mentioned above, you are sure to be one of the most sought after person when it comes to conducting and leading a conversation. Small and crisp conversations are going to go a long way and justify the fact that “you are a man/woman of few words”. Let those be few impressive words rather than boring long ones!

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