If you are a digital marketer, you need to start doing these four things now!


“Instead of telling the world what you're eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that's meaningful.”  – Edward Norton

We have seen companies update random, off the bat information on social media profiles and handles just because they want to make their ‘presence’ felt – and this really needs to stop. Five great posts over 50 useless ones will not only maintain a certain amount of class and quality, but will also keep your subscribers and followers interested and happy.

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Here are a few things marketing and social media managers can do to ensure that their followers don’t unfollow them for a long time.

Keeping up with trends

Your personal social media handles are for leisure and entertainment, but when it comes to maintaining a brand’s social media, it’s all about creating engagement, attracting new fans and being updated with events and affairs. Imagine having to have a special creative made for every planned event or every spotted trend.

Updating the company blog

If you have been a part of the marketing team at your startup, chances are you were made to do this. Blog marketing requires posting quality content which can engage readers and target them towards your product and services. Marketing managers at most organisations are forced to maintain a blog that is routinely updated with content which no one actually reads. If you intend to engage your audience through your blog, here’s how you can do it.

Setting online ads wisely

Consumerism has reached new levels with advertisements reaching us through cellphones, YouTube videos and social media channels. While I was heading marketing for the startup that I worked for, I remember being asked to set live ads for every new campaign that we launched on Google and Facebook. It didn’t even matter if the relevant audience existed or not. We had to figure out an audience and launch the ads, hoping that someone would magically click on them.

Writing and sending sensible promotional email

Quite often, companies send out promotional emails containing far more information than what can be digested at once. Email marketing is a tool that is exploited by marketers simply because there are sales deliverables to fulfil. For example, the other day I received an email for up to 80 percent off on baby products when I don’t even have a child. As a result of such activities, customers unsubscribe and seek refuge from any sort of marketing.

Many marketers hate these activities too. If you have to resort to these methods as well, then ask yourself:

  • Do your prospects and customers trust you? If great products alone won’t gain the trust of consumers, what will?
  • If no one is paying attention—and when they do, they don’t trust you—what can your business do to gain the attention and respect of people?

If you want to connect with customers and attract raving fans, the solution is very simple: focus on people. You can meet the needs of people by helping them solve their problems at no cost. Let’s say you are pushing for your service. Push great content minus the selling part. When you offer great content to your customers in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts and website posts, they will eventually turn into your customers. Why? Because such content is what your audience is looking for. Instead of investing in ad space, you invest in creating content, experiences and a community where people who need help can find it.


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