The 6 types of entrepreneurs you see at every networking event


We’ve watched enough popular movies and TV series to know that entrepreneurs are one of a kind. They may represent the dreamers and achievers collectively, but amongst themselves, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Next time you walk into a networking meetup, take a close look around you. You’ll find entrepreneurs in all forms and kinds – some lurking near the water fountains, some double (maybe even triple) checking their flashcards and some clutching on to their ties like a noose around their necks. Then you have your tech-nerds with their noses buried into their laptops, their work reflecting through the black thick-rimmed glasses they proudly sport. You’ll spot the self-funders right away – they’re the ones chatting up the investors and reigning in offers for lavish dinners and drinks. Then you’ll find the sly-creepers, lurking around whom they deem the most likely investors, intercepting them during their bathroom breaks and rattling off their ideas at top speed for conviction.

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Yes, this is the world of entrepreneurship, and generically speaking, everyone falls into a category. On that note, here are a few categories worth mentioning, because it’s true, they’re always there.

The self-promoter

The ‘Me, myself and I-ers’, they will endorse themselves to the last detail and make you nod along to how awesome they are for coming up with such a ‘game-changing’ idea. What’s the idea? Nobody knows. What we do know is how hard they’ve worked to make this happen and all the many successes and failures they’ve had to undergo to make it this far. Again, what’s their great idea? Nobody knows.

The ‘high-preneur’

These guys are hippies at heart but businessmen in action. They came up with some ‘dope’ idea when they were high and somehow managed to remember it and put it to action. More often than not though, they get too ‘mild’ to really stick on to the project and will often be plagued by their conscience about indulging in the flagrant ‘capitalist system’. Their moral dilemma is their kryptonite, and they don’t know, in all practicality, how to choose business over their inbred principle.

The self-funded

These are easy to spot. They’re probably the ones who got off their BMWs and in the tailor-made suits and ties. They are the aristocrats of the business world, those who have the trust funds and the leisure to ‘experiment’ with an idea and see where it goes. They are the ones chatting up the investors for expensive meals at their mansions, but they all know they don’t really need to. But why not, right?

The ‘student-preneur

Entrepreneurs just seem to be getting younger with the years! You’ll always spot a kid in a checked shirt, Levis jeans, a backpack and multi-coloured converse shoes. These kids are part of the new generation of Zuckerbergs, inspired by the idea of a student-based business diarchy. They’re the ones googling Buzzfeed and Forbes lists of ‘youngest billionaires’ and using social media as their key weapons and reference points. Snapchat FTW, kids!

The ‘tech-preneurs

These are the brains behind potentially game-changing forms of technology but have no idea how to be serious businessmen. Their days spent labouring in the labs may have got them the skill to sell their product but not the street-skill that entails bargaining and power-sharing that is required of every true businessman. They need the smooth-talkers, be it in the form of self-promoters or self-funders, to team up with and sell their product effectively. Feels like High School all over again doesn’t it?

The ‘purpose-preneurs’

Be it for the environment or for development, these entrepreneurs claim to work ‘for a greater purpose’, or so they say. They have the sly-brains and know exactly how to pitch and more importantly ‘guilt’ investors into looking into their ideas, and more often than not, slide their way up the business ladders.

So have you identified your category yet? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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